Is Your Title Good At Capturing Attention?


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  1. Rate the title above yours from 1/10 and write a reason why you gave them that rate (please don’t be vague).

  2. Comment your title (story can be posted or not)

  3. Wait for next person to rate your title

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I’ll start: The Guard

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@TTBMBFF 9/10. I like how the title gives you slight hint about what to expect from the story— that there will be a guard, a protector of some sort — but at the same time keeps some mystery around it, which makes it intriguing.

Here’s mine:

Tug of War


@messyfirstdraft 9/10. It’s a common phrase that’s catchy as a title. It makes me think of tension between two characters, or of opposing forces that might start off playful or good-natured but quickly turn tense or even dangerous for whatever is being fought over.

Mine is:

Secrets in the Moon


8/10 - I think it could flow better. For some reason my mind wants to say Secrets Of The Moon instead of in the moon. So it stutters in my mind. But that being said, the title sounds really interesting and defiantly something I would enjoy readings.

Cake Toppers


8.5/10 - I don’t think it’s a genre I usually read, but it’s a very interesting title! I like it!

Among the Fallen


Sound more like a Angel story than a werewolf. But would still read it… 8

The last alpha and the wolf within


Everyone thinks it’s about angels… I can see it though lol.


6/10 - It’s a bit long for my tastes. In general I’m not a fan of titles that mention alphas either, but you know, that’s my own preference. I think you could honestly shorten it to ‘The Last Alpha’ or ‘The Wolf Within’ and that would be easier to digest.

The Wolf of the Wilds


@HEEdwards 10/10 I think wilds is completely underused in werewolf

Only the Twisted


10/10. I love how we can think of so many different thinks with that title. It makes you pause for a second and think about it, then realise that the story might be worth reading.

Bound by Duty



Catchy, and hints at what the story is about.

A Rider’s Fate


10/10 I like it, sounds mysterious and ominous. It makes me think of a fantasy setting and adventures.

Vermillion & Silver


10/10 I love that name. I get the silver part for the werewolves, and it makes me wonder about Vermillion and if you’re referencing blood. It’s such a fun word haha

Going Rogue (Then a subtitle of “When the Moon Goddess is Forced to Live Out Her Terrible Tropes on Earth”)


8/10, I’d anticipate a lot of drama/action with that name. It tells a little about the story through the name.



Your title Definitely peaked my interest! I would read it.

The Sacredness of Tears


It’s something new and catchy! I’ve never heard anything similar and that’s what would make me interested in reading it. I’m reading this!

Lunar Connection


9/10 the title makes you think of a moon event but it also makes you think it has something to do with a girl

Title: Witch’s wolves


7/10 the title is intriguing and I wanted to know what it means.

Title: Connie Supernatural Friends


6/10 It’s not a bad title, but it has an odd flow and feels a bit vague.

Heritage: The Descent Cycle


7/10 - Odd title choice. I could see handfuls of people flocking to read the book b/c of the “Heritage” part in the title. A lot of people like family stuff (not just in the positive lovey-dovey way…). Descent + Cycle sure is an odd combo though. Like I feel there could of been of a better word than “descent” to group together with “cycle”, or the way other around. Just makes me think of an invasion book that involves aliens.

My Cat ate a Werewolf