Is Your Title Good At Capturing Attention?


8/10, lol it seems like a humour were-book. And I enjoy that. It’s a bit odd, but it’s definitely is intriguing!

Fractured Red


6/10 It’s catchy, but doesn’t really convey anything about the story. I’m sure it makes sense in context, but without that context… eh.

Werewolf’s Humanity


7/10 it sounds like an interesting name, just doesn’t spark.

I Am Not The One (it’s a Soul Eater Fanfiction)


8/10 I like it! I feel like it conveys how the story might be told - from a particular character’s point of view, probably, and tells us a hint of that character, even, by a denial of some kind… Kind of just vague enough to entice and intrigue without telling us in so many words what the story is about or what’s happening.

Real Monsters Go Berserk


8/10 I can feel the violence and the ferociousness of your story. Your title is really strong too, with the selected words and also the meaning it portray. By just reading, I know straight that this is something epic.

Dangerous Prey





6.5, It’s good, however I feel like I see that title a lot–especially in teenfic.

Fractured Red


I’d say 7/10 for your title because it inspires me without inspiring me. In fact it inspires me so much things that it’s almost confusing. It can attract my attention on the book but it won’t make me read the book right away. Few titles have that power. I’m sorry but I have to be honest.

I have a big doubt about a title (please be honest and harsh, I won’t mind). The title is:



8/10 I like the title, but it sounds like a cliché werewolf title. I mean it’s hard to find a title really different and unique. However, seeing a title like this, I would probably click on the story.

Under the Wolf Moon


8/10 Getting hardcore werewolf vibes, of course. It’s pretty good, but I think I actually read a book with that title a few years ago, so I would suggest spicing it up a little bit. Still, it’s definitely thought provoking! I like coming up with titles, so I’m game for helping others with title ideas.

The Melting Crown


10/10 Very evocative imagery, it certainly sparks some curiosity.

Werewolf’s Humanity


8.5/10 I enjoy your title! It sounds really interesting because it makes me wonder if the MC is more wolf then human. What the balance of human to wolf is. Makes me wonder what the plot is and what the MC is like!

Fractured Red


Thank you! :smiley:


8.5/10 I Like it! It sounds good and interesting like it should be sorta scary… anyways it sounds good and i know if i saw it i would click it and read it…

The Chosen Fate


8/10 - I like the oxymoron of it! Since fate is usually uncontrollable, the idea of controlling your fate makes for an interesting idea.


Edit: oof just realized I’m in the wrong genre thread oops


Thanks so much!!!


9/10 - No matter the genre, I really like the name! I’m a big fan of short titles, and yours captures my attention :slight_smile:

Torn in Two


I like the alliteration. It’s also vague but intriguing enough that you want to know what it means. Is it their romantic life? A grave life choice? Who knows unless you read it.



9/10 the word itself is simple but there are so many interpretations for it that it automatically makes it very intriguing. it makes me think of someone who is shattered, not physically but emotionally. the title sounds like the story goes deeper than your average girl meets boy cliche romance, all flowers hearts and love. to sum it up: sounds like drama!

The Ancients


10/10 its intriguing and kind of mysterious which I always find enjoyable. It flows really well which is one thing I look for. I don’t read books if the title doesn’t capture my attention. It’s a title that would make me want to read further to understand it.