Is Your Title Good At Capturing Attention?

I think of a stream romance in the backwoods with a cabin or a story about a female werewolf coming into her own power in her pack! So 8/10 I would say!

Muse and Moonlight

7 it’s intriguing but the “and” dulls it down.

You can play with the words moving them around to make something different. like: Moonlight Muse or My Moonlight Muse, or Muse Moonlight. or change the “and” to & or + or keep it how it. without knowing what the story is about the title is just a title.


9/10 it has a really cozy feel to it and it seems like something i would read. It looks like it would be a feel-good novel that isn’t stressful to read ( i mean with a load of action), but then again I may be wrong. It also reminds me of christmas and that’s my fave thing, so overall you did well with the title!

mine is called "Behind The Scenes"

8/10 It’s a simple yet catchy title, if you know what I mean.
From the title, I think in the story our MC has a very public life. Every decision made has a reason behind it that no one knows. We get to know the dark secrets and reality that happens behind the scenes. Or maybe it’s something about the Royalty. I mean they have to rule their kind, everyone sees that they enjoy their power but we explore the troubles they go through, they sacrifice their family time, etc etc… I like the title.

mine is “Come What May.”

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A solid 7/10 - I like it.Sounds like a romance book. I feel like it has someone going through something and finding their feet and falling in love (the classic stuff ) I’d read it


wow thanks so much! this made me really happy, i’m glad you liked the title!

thank you so much.

7/10 - It makes me think Pirates of the Caribbean for some odd reason or a flag. The book sounds like adventure or at least involves some form of fighting.


8/10, it’s short and snappy which gains attention. It’s also a cool word and could be interpreted in different ways

Bat Club

8.5/10 Like it. I’m not sure if it applies to the flying animals, and their relationship to wolves, but it’s good.

Coyote Goddess with a Dander Allergy

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It sounds fun, maybe almost like a parody to me. And that’s also what’s putting me off a bit. I find it hard to tell if it’s intended or not. But It’s absolutely an original and captivating title! So I’m a bit torn haha, but that doesn’t mea it’s a bad thing.

Mine is
Igniting Sparks

It’s humorous, but not parody. The MC becomes a goddess, but realizes she has retained her allergies.

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I like it and definitely would read the blurb but due to it only being the title I’m confused on what the book is about.

Until You Came Along


The title is pretty, but it doesn’t suggest werewolf at all. It hints romance as the main plot and, since I’m not a romance reader, it’s a bit of a turn off for me.


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I read your title and automatically think of cute little cats. maybe it’s the word “paw” in general. To me personally I don’t get a strong vibe about it and can see how it could involve animals…but not really werewolves.

5 out of 10 for me.

My title: Lunars Edge

8.5/10 It sounds like its got some good promise to me. Like it might be a sort of high tension, fast paced story. Clearly relates to werewolves. However could be mistaken for a little edgy. But overall, a good title. Would hook me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haunted Hunted

8.5/10, a clever play on words, and it describes what the story seems to be about, but it lacks a little oomph and the words ‘haunted’ and ‘hunted’ are used so often it kind of seems trite. idk, it’s a great title <3

Okay mine is not a werewolf story, but it’s a disturbing psychological horror sooo… close ennnough??

The Straddlers

8/10 I like how simple yet intruiging it is. I’m honestly a bit torn. I don’t really know the word so I had to google it first, but that may just be me! :blush:


7/10 It sounds interesting but dry

What Happened at the Blood Stone Pack

6/10 It sounds interesting but I feel like the title is a bit too long. I would shorten to maybe Blood Stone Pack?

Crimson Red