ISO: Beta Readers for Mature Romance. SEE DETAILS FOR PAYMENT

Hello! I (like many others) am working to improve my finished novel for the 2020 Wattys. I’m already pretty far into the second draft, but I would like some beta readers (who are not my close friends and family) to read the original first draft and give me feedback to go off of while finishing my second draft.
The first draft is COMPLETED, but short (I wrote it very quickly, and it shows).
I need readers who enjoy MATURE, NEW ADULT ROMANCE (with some science fiction elements) to read through and leave comments on what they enjoy, what the story is lacking, and what they could do without.
I don’t need structural/copy-editing type feedback. The first draft has MANY issues and those are being addressed already in the second draft. I need content feedback, to make this the best story it can be.

Story Details:

Sex and Poetry

“Sex and Poetry”
New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Mature

Married to a handsome, rich older man, Maura Foster wants for nothing… except affection. When her household android is given a sexy new modification, will she be able to resist temptation and remain faithful? Or will she give in and find the passion and romance she’s been longing for?

Payment Details:

Will gladly read, and leave extensive, constructive feedback on up to 3 chapters of your work (They don’t have to be in order, and they don’t have to be from the same book.) I’m limiting to 3 because I plan to be as thorough as possible.
Because you’re being so kind as to read my work, I will also happily follow you!
“Payment” will be completed after you have read and commented on my book. You don’t need to comment on every chapter, and if you want to just send me a PM detailing your thoughts at the end, that works as well.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention! <3

What is your rough word count for your current draft? Is this something you want to do in word or somewhere off of Wattpad with your second draft, or are you wanting feedback on the first draft still?

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i read that as poe try and it took me so long to figure out it was poetry

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Rough word count is 40,000
I would prefer feedback on the rough draft on Wattpad. My second draft is a mess of notes as it is! :slight_smile:

Already giving feedback! Haha, thanks!
I wondered if anyone would get caught on that… I’ll redo the cover before submitting it to the Wattys. :joy:

I put it in a reading list and I can try to leave some feedback at least on the first few chapters if not more when I can get time. The only problem being that we don’t have much time left. Two months just about? But I can try. I have no need for the payment in return so don’t worry about that (Especially since I can’t promise to get through the book for sure in time for you to edit). And don’t forget about the 50k word minimum to enter, so you’ll need to fluff it out a bit to reach that.

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Thank you so much!
The second draft already has move words and extra scenes/chapters so I’m working on the fluff for sure.
I appreciate you even putting it in your reading list. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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