ISO Cover Creator


Honestly I’m unsure if this is even allowed but I am in desperate need of a new cover maker. The person I’ve used for my trilogy is no longer making covers, and I needed a cover for the last book. But now since she is no longer able to I am forced to start over from scratch.
I need three (3) covers, all with the same fluid theme, which is why going through regular shops has been difficult since they normally deal with one at a time, and I need 3 ASAP.
So if you’re able to help, or know someone who can, I would appreciate it!

Thank you in advance.


I can’t make covers (at least, not as well as others) but when you say a trilogy and as fast as possible, I think of @goldenways (only on WattPad, she has a book there). Makes awesome covers, accepts trilogies too (I just checked :slight_smile: ) Hope this helps!


Thank you. I appreciate the advice - I’ll check her out!