Issue with the Website.


I’m experiencing this issue on the main website. I will click on something my " My Profile " Or some one else’s, and nothing happens. No loading bar, or anything. Sometimes when I refresh the page, it refreshes onto the new page I was trying to go to. I also cannot click the follow button on anyone’s account, or browse the stories. I’ve tried signing in, and signing out. I don’t experience this on mobile. I haven’t hit my follow limit since I can still follow people on my phone.


Something like this by any chance? It’s baffling how WP is ignoring these glitches.


I just realised something. Isn’t this a week when a lot of companies, in general, have a change freeze and skeleton support staff period?

[Edit: I’m experiencing technical glitches as well. At the moment I can like on posts or publish revision changes.]


Sort of. I don’t even get a spinning bar. What’s funny is I will click something, and the page will remain the same, but the URL changes to the new page.


I’ve been complaining about this for the last three days XD


I had that yesterday. I was trying to click on the next page. The URL changed but the image stayed the same. I should’ve taken a screen shot.


I haven’t tried on my Chromebook at home, I’m on my work computer now. I need to get on my windows desktop, and see if I encounter the same issue.


I’m using chrome v70 on win10. I’m going to try some local troubleshooting to see if it fixes some of my glitches.


I’m using a Chrome browser.


Switched from FireFox ironically.


Gabby just replied -


Hi there!

This is definitely not the Wattpad experience you should be having! And we’d like to try and fix it ASAP. If you could send in a Support ticket, we’ll work with you to try and fix this as soon as we can. You can send in a Support ticket here:

Screenshots are super helpful, along with what browser you’re using. We also recommend logging out, clearing your cache, then logging back in again, as well as trying on different browsers. This helps us know if it’s specific to your account on one platform, or across all. And that’s really helpful in troubleshooting it.

If you have any questions, let me know! :blush:

ignore close please

Raised a ticket for ranks not refreshing to book stats. I’ve been singing “Let it Go” to my book ranks, which have been “Frozen” in time for a week now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ticket no: #4538881


I cleared my history cache (including content sessions). I also disabled every extension to see if some of those was interfering with republishing. I was able to republish to the correct version. I turned on my extensions again and republishing was working fine. This seems to be working again for me.

Ranks still stuck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No worries. I work for Google. I know websites just decide to do what they want sometimes lol.


It’s a Known Issue and the Wattpad team are working on it-


My problems so far


Just logged on today, and it seems to be working normally now.


I’m not sure if this is the right topic but every time I try to visit the profile of the user SsHoneyB I’m getting a virus alert from my antivirus saying the connection was aborted because wattpad was infected with JS:ScriptSH-inf[Trj] I have an ad blocker installed so it’s can’t be from an app.


The profile shows up normally for me and I’m using Chrome. Are you using the app or the web?