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Hey, welcome to my trailer thread. Where I will be making trailers for you. Trailers I make are:

  • full
  • teaser
  • ship
  • cast
  • character
  • chapter

You’ll have to follow a few simple rules.

  • no threadhopping (requesting same trailer at other threads)
  • be patient trailers take time
  • use my forms only
  • credit is mandatory

Payment is a permanent follow, 3x 3+ lined comments on a selected story and credit.

  • Full Teaser Character ship chapter cast Intro

  • Title:

  • Author:

  • Genre:

  • Summary:

  • Required text:

  • Cast:

  • Mood:

  • Book cover:

  • Song(s):

  • Ideas:

  • Clips:

  • Anything Else?:

Recent examples







  • Full Teaser Character Ship Chapter Cast Intro

  • Title: The Comeback Of Jafar(Amelia And The Magic Lamp 2)

  • Genre: Fantasy-Musical, Humor, Action-Adventure, Superhero

  • Summary: In This Sequel To The Wattpad Classic Based on Disney’s Aladdin, Amelia(Jackie Evancho), Princess Serena(Summer Bishil) and the gang are not as free from the wickedly menacing and seductively handsome Sorcerer Jafar(Jonathan Freeman) as they think. Since their last encounter with him, Jafar has been imprisoned in a magic lamp, but a beautiful yet wicked thief, Amada (Penelope Cruz), Is about to change that. Luckily for Amelia and her friends, Iago’s Sister and Jafar’s Friend Lexi Has switched to the good side because she has a tragic past when she was a young girl.

  • Required Text:

Get Ready for the sequel to one of the most successful Wattpad stories ever made!!!

Featuring All of your favorite characters like
Princess Serena
Lulu The Money
Lexi The Parrot
Alana The Genie(Voiced Once Again By Deepika Padukone)
a new character named
Amada (voiced by Penelope Cruz), Who works for Jafar(Voiced by Jonathan Freeman)

Get ready for all the action,

All the humor,

And all of the songs

Wattpad’s The Comeback Of Jafar(Amelia And The Magic Lamp 2)

You will love it!!!

Updating Now through 2020

  • Cast:
    Jackie Evancho - Amelia


Summer Bishil - Princess Serena

Jonathan Freeman - Jafar


Cree Summer - Lexi


Golshifteh Farahani - Sultana

Deepika Padukone - Alana The Genie

Penelope Cruz - Amada

Sonam Kapoor - Lulu

  • Book Cover:


  • Song(s):
    The Conqueror By Warner/Chappell

  • Ideas:I can have Amelia and Princess Serena, And Alana The Genie Transform into superheros like Amelia will transform into The Fearless Princess, Princess Serena Will transform into The lovely Witch and Alana will transform into The Comedy Queen!!! They will say Princess Power, Magic Power, Comedy Power Make Up!!!

  • Clips:

  • Anything else: I would love to give your trailers a watch!!!

Just a question before I accept/deny is the story just anime or can I use the people you said?

You can use the people I said.

Hey, You’re request has been accepted. Please do the payment of A permanent follow, 3x 3+ lined comments on the Prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 of Making You Mine Thank you for requesting


You’re welcome!!!