Item Backstory

I seen subjects about character backstories, but how about an item that the character owns that they hold on to and use throughout the story. Tell me what your character used and how they got it.

My character, Dropzone, uses a M1911 pistol when he fights in gun fights as his primary weapon or as a side arm. He got it shortly after his parents died and used it to kill 8 out of the 9 who killed his parents. That pistol was the first weapon he used in the story.

Kiara Rider’s main weapon is a sword. She found it shortly after the incident that tore her family apart. A said-to-be heirloom from her mother’s side - something given to her father as a gift to say ‘thank you’. And well now, it’s Kiara’s goes everywhere with it.

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Cyra Von Erit has two weapons. Also a third, but this doesn’t have as large as a role.

  1. Laëvateinn- The demon sword.

This here was given to them by their father, more as a means of protection. This weapon serves as their main.

  1. Reviver- A staff

This is a weapon of the gods. Given to them by an old friend as a means to protect them, while buying time for Cyra to regain her lost power and memories.

  1. Rebellion- This here, there is no context. Never really thought this far ahead, but given from the implied points, it is formed from the energy of her as a means to protect her, a final defensive mechanism.
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A character of mine, Jade Archer, has a metal arm and eye. The material for those were crafted out of her parent’s favorite jewelry and necklaces, because they hold extremely important representation on their life. For reference, both of her parents were auto mail engineers and their favorite ‘necklaces’ were made out of bulletproof, concentrated, 100% iron.


Lucien has a pocket watch with his family’s crest on it, which is made of various precious metals. It’s pretty dinged up since he was careless with it as a kid. When he was in his early 20s he lost it around a mountain and assumed it was gone forever… until he found it nearly 30 years later. It’s both a dumb object and way too obvious a metaphor for his relationship with the family.

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My main character, Katrina, always wears a golden dove necklace. It was given to her by her mother when she left South Africa to go to the United States for college. It symbolizes freedom and that her parents will always be near her.

My other main character, Luca, has a cross bow that is used to specially kill Lycans. It was given to him by his father, and he brings it on every hunt possible. It is made of sterling silver, an oak cross(thingy) part, and has arrows of gold tips (lycans in my story are allergic to gold), an an ivory wood (another weakness to lycans).

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Dan carries around an Earth Hopper a device which acts like a conductor.

Basically he has the abillity to travel the multiverse but he can’t send people with him only objects.

So he uses the Earth Hopper as a way to conduct his energy to increase his range so he can send up to a max of eight people using the Earth Hopper.

Basically people arent allowed to transport other people with there abillity they need devices to do so.

Idk why I had it like that I kind of wanted to be like it a personal abillity meaning it only affects themselves unless objects are involved which is why the Earth Hopper fits as long as it fused with a certian star like power.

Bam you have an energy conductor.

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My main character in my current work in progress is named Marie, and she uses a sword that used to be her mother’s. Her mother was the greatest warrior in the entire kingdom, but was killed while trying to protect her home kingdom from being invaded. When she was killed, all her belongings, including her sword, were sent to her daughter.

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Probably a football since my main caracter is a football player.


And the Lucky charm clover she’ll get later in the story when she plays her first match

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Calytrix uses a grimoire to check for spells that could solve some problems she encounters, although she already memorized all the spells she likes to double-check.

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Tomb (pronounced ‘Tom’) got his headphones at the local gift store of a small town on Earth. Despite the fact that he is a skeleton and doesn’t have ears, he uses them to blend in with the youth.

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