It's hard to provide edits with the world's tiniest comment box



Am I the only one with this problem? :sweat_smile: And it doesn’t have an autosave option either, so you lose it with a misclick. I guess it’s meant for basic commenting? It would be great to have an option to provide longer feedback though.

(for reference, I don’t mean the community/forums. I’m referring to leaving comments on novels back at the regular wattpad website.)


That’s actually pretty easy. xD

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See the black circle there on the bottom right? Yes? If you click the two arrows…

Et voila! I don’t know about an autosave function, however. As long as you don’t click on “cancel”, the post should be in temporary storage, so to speak. I have often closed windows, only to find my post exactly as I left it because I simply didn’t “cancel” it. :slight_smile:


Whenever I provide feedback online (whether it be for Wattpad or any other platform), I almost always write the critique in a separate notes .doc. This way I can re-read it easily, give it a quick edit, then post it in chunks via pt1/2/3 in separate comments if the word count is larger than the provided submission box.

But I haven’t provided critiques on wattpad in years so I’m not sure if the system has changed (this whole new forum is immensely different to what it used to be!!). But it’s a useful habit to get into for all constructive criticism you give both on wattpad and outside. Sometimes I actually write notes in a notebook as I read/watch, write the critique in notes, THEN post it haha But that’s usually when I’m providing feedback on short films, docs, and scripts versus online stories.

Anyway, good luck.



Oooooh thank you.
Now we just REALLY need autosave. What if my tab closes?


That might have to be my solution. But I end up preferring other work-shopping websites because they DO have an auto save function. I would hope Wattpad could maybe consider fixing it. :sob:


ahah Write in notes and it is auto-saved :wink:
But I agree that is a work-around.


Ooh, I thought you were talking about in-chapter comments on the books? Cause I was gonna start agreeing with you on that one :joy: :sweat_smile::joy: (hate when my comment accidentally deletes :sweat:)


There is actually a Drafts folder/button in your profile page…but idk how it works? Definitely not supposed to exit out of the comment box (when you verify abandon) or close a tab. I think it might work if you leave the tab open? But honestly idk. I once ended up finding my drafted comment that I typed up on a duplicate thread page that I thought I accidentally deleted, but I’ve never seen anything under drafts in my profile page.


It doesn’t really work well…It does save it in the drafts, but restoring it is buggy. Idk if it was because my comment was too short. Anyways, I wouldn’t trust it 100%


Hey, for reference I don’t mean the forums. I mean the actual Wattpad site, and leaving feedback on novels.


I see. I think what would be great, is if wattpad makes a separate comment section specifically made for feedback & critiques, etc that’s hidden, so readers don’t see these walls of text that go hard on the book lol. So it wouldn’t turn off a reader or make them warry, ykwim? Even if you point out spelling errors, etc. you don’t want that hunting you forever. Anyways, I think it would be nice if they had this kind of feature. Maybe they’d even allow others to critique unpublished chapters by having the author invite a user to said chapter.


I hate the text box in wattpad’s books, it’s so hard to fix your typos and check for grammar mistakes if you can’t see what you typed. All they have to do if using css coding is change the numbers it’s super simple, and a real pain if they have to do it page by page. xD cough I’m sure they don’t and have it auto set up to apply changes through out the website.