Its okay but still needs work on


I think this is okay but still needs work on.
comment your opinions.


AGREE for sure–MDC community needs to feel supported if we move. They’re an important part of Clubs and Wattpad.


@JessicaRufus You posted this only within 5 minutes of joining. Do you have anything specific against this? In another thread you said it was just a mess, though that is not constructive enough to actually implement something here to improve it or to know what specifically you have against it.

It does have a lot of features users have been asking for, including search, better reply features, dark / light themes, search ability, emojis, modern coding, better tagging, and more.


oh i guess its not so bad after all. I based my thoughts on what I have heard about it.


For a while I thought you were the RobotAmbassador XD

But anyway, it’s ok if you don’t like it but it does need time and what is it do you hate about that the old has and not the this beta?


There is certainly an issue with coding transferring across.

No blockquote, no text adjustment in HTML are some of the things I’ve noticed, and I know those are fairly common for MDC things.

But I don’t know what would or wouldn’t be a fix for those things.


Sorry, double post : P


@AllThingsPi Blockquote is available.

The Code:
[blockquote] text here [/blockquote]


Is that HTML?

Whoops, I meant blockquote style, not just blockquote. When I tried to color mine, it didn’t work.


@AllThingsPi It’s BBCode.


so how exactly do you make the code show on the form?


@JessicaRufus I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

How did I show the actual code? I used markdown. Surround code with ` and it will show the code instead of inputting it.

If you’re asking for a list of what codes do and don’t work, most BBCode and Markdown work.


i mean like when you make a thread right you have the background color. Does this code work with background color


@JessicaRufus Check the threads in the new MDC.

A lot of your questions are answered there.


i have looked their but cant find about the background color


@JessicaRufus No, you can’t change the background of your posts.


well then that needs fixed like in the other site


@JessicaRufus This post, specifically, lists some of the code that works here.


@JessicaRufus But does it, really?

Hear me out.

The clubs were originally created for discussions and is still majorly discussion oriented. Does removing the ability to add certain code styles change the core function of the clubs, to have discussions?d


well it will help people who make threads