It's Purge Night


It’s the night of the Purge. What are your characters doing?

Edit for clarification: Purge Night is a night when everything is legal, including murder, theft, arson, etc. The point is to get all of your criminal urges out so you are better behaved during the rest of the year. There are no emergency services during this time. Many people try to bunker down that night to avoid getting murdered and robbed.


What the heck is “the night of the Purge”?
looks up internet …it’s American based horror??


Yep, sorry. Didn’t even think of that.

OK. So in order to prevent violence throughout the year there is the Purge. All crime is legal. There are no emergency services. Basically, you’re supposed to get all of the criminal impulses out so you’ll be a better citizen. The movies focus more on murder, but things like arson, theft, drunk driving, hard drugs, whatever are all on the table. Many people take shelter as home and just try to weather everybody else losing it.


Ohhhhhh. That’s scary


My characters are either

a.) having fun and living the life (murdering people)


b.) hiding out at home and playing video games (with weapons very close by)


My characters are saving people butts, while keeping their covers as superheroes…and are probably trying to figure out how the Purge even started (cause my characters are OCs in an Avengers fanfic)


Skylar is probably out plotting against her mother

Emma is at home with her family with weapons they don’t even how to use

Dylan is on guard waiting for a dumbo to test him


I do take some umbrage with the Purge series as a house-invasion genre for the mostpart, but this is how my characters would spend the night:

  • Medora breaks into government facilities looking for evidence that UFO landings and first contact with aliens were real.

  • Gene and Kaylee are holed up in their family’s barricaded autoshop, cause it’s not recommended to mess with people who have blowtorches and metalworking equipment.

  • Richie and his little sister are staying with Gene’s family and he’s pretty much chilling and pirating movies (as you do).

  • Ilene is committing tax fraud.

  • Ella and Jason are already pretty much untouchable criminals, so it’s just another day to them.


For Izangi the cannibal, it was a special night. He broke into a random house with his tools. First he killed the couple with his silencer gun. Then he tied their son and charred him with his blow torch. After that he made steaks out of the couples, while grilled their son. And had a wonderful dinner with wine.


Sounds like a pretty wonderful night to me!


Julian would sip a beer, as always. Waiting for something to happen. Maybe death is the answer to all of his problems. Maybe not. He would wait for it anyway.


That was an unexpected response :thinking:


Every night is purge night for my characters as they’re assassins haha. They’d probably do exactly what they do every other night, just with a bit more carelessness.