It's weird being an adult on here knowing u could be chatting with kids ???

Like I’m 21 and I just take part in threads and make threads and I can’t see the people I’m talking to so I literally talk to them as I would someone my age and then sometimes I find out they’re like 15. I don’t mind it I guess but I’m more comfortable with like 18-60 years olds ya know ??

I’m 20 here about to be 21. When I joined, I was 13 or 14, it’s a bit weird knowing that I’m getting older but a large majority on here may still be in that younger age range…I get you.

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I’m at least a decade older than you and yeah it can be disorienting at times, you just have to take care of who you’re talking to. Basically when you’re on the forums just be aware of ages I guess and remember we all start somewhere.


Yeahh, I feel that way too at times. I’m 22, and I feel like a grandmother here.

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Thanks guys ! I know Wattpad is allowed for young people but to me it’s actually very serious and a way for me to get my stuff published easier when I’m ready, and I know a LOT of other people are the same way. So I guess it’s easier for me to feel like that’s the whole vibe of Wattpad; seriousness of older people and their cherished work. When really, I am wrong :joy::joy:


What are you talking about?

Like I talk to people regular so I don’t care how old they are unless theyre my readers. I don’t want readers under 17 for one of my books

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I very frequently wonder if “growing up” is a myth. I’ve seen 13-year-olds write like they’d been doing it for years, and 30-year-olds who come across like they never read a book.

Certainly I don’t feel like an adult yet, even though technically I am. I have my own car and everything! (and I also have stuffed animals in my bed and hand-made drawings all over my walls.)

I found that the whole age thing becomes even more surreal when you’re working and you realize that you’re actually the boss to someone twenty years older than you. Last month, I asked someone to do some paperwork for me, and they groaned and pointed out I was the same age as their daughter xD

So --being an adult and chatting with random ages on here? Not weird to me at all.

(Unless you’re creepy or something, but that’s a wholeeeeeee other issue)


Yeah I’m totally not creepy :joy::joy: and I completely understand what you’re saying! Some kids are just so much more mature than some adults! And I sure hope my writing isn’t that bad LOL ! And yep I have a job and a car, but I have a hard time with directions and I get panic attacks so I can’t really drive anywhere and also I’m 21 working at Dunkin Donuts… Which I’m not the oldest one there but still I can’t do anything but make lattes. I tried the school thing but it didn’t work, for reasons that had more to do with the school. So I definitely am dependant on my parents for like ever so I don’t feel like an adult … HOWEVER I’m kinda the only one that does anything at my job so I have to act like I’m the boss even though I don’t want that role. Literally the last Manager, I MANAGED HIM AND HES 27!! 🤦🤦🤦


Kinda off topic but management is a great thing to go into if school isn’t your schtick. You can use it anywhere and I bet Dunkin offers management training for associates.

I’m twice your age and I enjoy talking to all but I have to constantly tell myself too to not take some more limited/narrow views too seriously because they might just be kids who have yet to learn about life. Like if I knew the person is my daughter’s age I wouldn’t judge them if they seemed ignorant on some issues the same way I wouldn’t do that to my 17-year old who probably has never thought that deeply about politics or war. It would have solved a lot of conflicts here, you know. Because it can get heated when the truth is, the issue is that the other person is young, haven’t thought about it well enough, and young people can be headstrong so some wouldn’t listen either lol Although I have been surprised many many times.


I’ve thought of that because literally a good employee just naturally becomes management but specifically at Dunkin, corporate treats the mangers like crap. One corporate guy even slapped our old manager. When I was at Tim Hortons I guess she had to do a lot less, but she’s gone and even new owners now too there. The specific TH I worked at, even supervisors still only got minimum wage… But there’s others around me that offer a lot more just to start so I was thinking about trying one of them out. TH offers health insurance too so I could definitely live off that on my own.

Yeah honestly!! And even as an adult I’ll admit I don’t know everything but these kids OOF :sweat_smile:

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Plus when it comes to playing the management game (previous economy, I have no idea with current) you get in, train, stay for a year MAYBE two and then you apply somewhere else for a higher position. I was a DOO for a Corp, so If you ever have questions lemme know! (I started as an EA)

That seems fun. Thank you so much!! :heart:

That’s the thing, people who think they know everything are usually kids or underexposed to society because they haven’t been proven wrong that many times. The older you are, the more times you’ve been proven wrong and the more you question yourself if you actually know anything at all lol


Agreed!! :heart:

im comfy talking to everyone …irregardless of their age. As long as i find them interesting and they are not rude:) @MagicForest444


I see it that way too, like it really doesn’t matter if you’re just typing away and not thinking too much about it

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That thought doesn’t cross my mind much on the threads. I speak to everyone pretty much the same. We all have something in common, a love for writing, so as long as we can talk politely and respectfully about that kind of stuff, age doesn’t bother me.

I do get uncomfortable talking to anyone under 18 commenting on my books since they’re mature books. Most don’t advertise their ages but sometimes, I can tell by the comments that they’re younger and it bothers me since my books are rated appropriately.


I joined at 13 too and now 21 and it really is weird where we are the oldies now. People will respond to comments I made 8 years ago and that younger self really doesn’t exist for me anymore but it feels like yesterday ya know?

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