I've got way too many questions lol ....can we now talk Dhampirs?


So would it be totally ridiculous if someone was a Dhampir but didn’t know they were? Like I was thinking the main characters mother passed away at birth, and she’s actually being raised by her dad and finds out he’s not really her dad and that her real dad was actually a vampire? or does that sound totally ridiculous lol. Trying to step out of my comfort zone with writing about vampires but I’m nervous so i may ask a lot of questions.


Do it! A dhampir is whatever you make it - so it could easily be so close to human, that it would be easy to not notice the vampire heritage. I mean, most of the time dhampirs are portrayed as basically vampires. Why not flip that on its head?

I’d recommend you watch Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It’s about a dhampir and it could serve as some really good inspiration for you :smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I know the movie your talking about never watched it but will check it out :slight_smile:


Enjoy! It’s really good :smile:


It’s not a bad idea. The thing with being mixed is you have this theme of coming from both worlds or wanting to belong in either one, but then realize that you can come from the best of both worlds and live in the one that’s right for the character (that’s one of the themes to explore).

Dhampirs count as vampires for sure.


I love this … definitely something to think about for the story :slight_smile: thank you!


Its possible depending on their breed


I’ve actually read a novel once where the heroine was a vampire - blood-drinking, immortal, century-old night creature and all - and didn’t realize she was a vampire (at least in for a short while in the beginning). That was pretty funny.

Anyway, my only comment on this is that it’s basically every (particularly YA-ish) urban fantasy ever. Oh no, I never fit in with the normal people, something’s different about me, what could it be? Incidentally my father/mother is dead / I’m adopted / an orphan, but surely that means nothing. et cetera.

Well, I’m sure you’ve encountered that before. I’m not saying that’s necessarily an argument not to do it but I feel you should be aware that it’s pretty standard, if maybe not for dhampirs specifically ^^;


I’m actually writing a YA and I can see how writing it like that would be cliche …my character right now in my head never had an issue with any of that (fitting in thinking she was different) well until an incident occurs just before the readers meet her, and she’s trying to come back from that and in that discovers her background. Just trying to come up with a plan on how she will deal with it all.


That’s good plot. Who the hell cares if your story is ridiculous or not. You can write anything you want as long it’s your own original idea and fantasy.

My Dhampir character in my current Wattpad story is former witch > converted to vampire > converted to Dhampir, with the procedure of Vampire-to-Dhampir is like humans doing expensive plastic surgery with side effects.

Apparently, my Dhampir version is more ridiculous haha.

Usually in many stories, Dhampirs are the ones who usually become vampire hunters. Dhampir is the result of a union between male vampire and female human. They are able to daywalking (doesn’t get sunburn), have vampire strengths without vampire weaknesses.


How much of the classic or the updated re-release of Vampire Hunter D did you watch?


It could well be that if your character has never felt like the odd one out in her life, that she’s actually incredibly popular and well-liked, and is more afraid of losing her human life than she is of exploring the dhampir side of her life.


What’s a Dhampir?


A dhampir is a half human and half vampire, usually born to a vampire father and mortal mother. In a lot of literature it’s said that the human mother dies during the childbirth and that most vampire fathers don’t tend to stick around to raise the kid, so it’s plausible that the child would be adopted into a human family or by human relatives from the mother’s side and not be aware of their real heritage.


LOVE THIS!! i’m still working on the story outline this could be good :slight_smile: