I've never had a girlfriend.


Just got dumped by my ex boyfriend, trust me it sucks when you get dumped. the crying, and seeing everybody else with their perfect couple. Even when the ugly girls have the hottest boyfriends. Don’t have a boyfriend it will break your heart


I’m so sorry for your broken heart.


Hey guys!!!
My friend just started a new topic. Please join.


Sorry to hear about that


plz wed love to hear from u and sorry


Hey! I’m joining this single club too. :smiley:


Guess what? I realised that all my classmates are dating guess who is single?? Me! FML


I’m 23 and haven’t had a girlfriend. Meh. Romantic relationships are overrated, anyway.


Hello again. How is everyone?


Hi! I’m fine, thanks. And you? :slight_smile:


I’m good. Sorry for the late response btw.


It’s okay :slight_smile: Are you ready for Christmas? :smiley:






oh hey what’s up?


Hell yeah! Christmas was good btw. How was yours?


I haven’t either, but it’s simply because I don’t care. Like, who has time for relationships anyway? Well, that’s not actually what I think, but I simply haven’t taken interest in anyone. I also have noticed I live happier if I don’t have to worry about crushes and the like. If I ever date someone, that’s cool, if I don’t, that’s cool too


Can’t relate. :joy:


ive never had a friend


I’m 24 years old. I need a boyfriend man. I just wanna be loved too!

This is me at this point.