Hello everyone!

I have been on wattpad since 2013, and sadly I haven’t really made any new friends. I have entered some community threads but people don’t really seem to keep in contact after that.

I was thinking, maybe we could create a WhatsApp group, where we could all chat daily, exchange story ideas, share our stories, learn with each and actually because friends! I feel like it would be so cool and useful.

So what do you guys think about that!?

Update: we already created the book and you are all welcome to join! Just click this link and be part of the group! :slight_smile:


So this group would use an app called WhatsApp? If so how does one use it?


i’m up for that! but first of all i want to be sure of your ages, it would be odd if we had a big age gap ahaha


I wish you best of luck but I can’t join.:blush: I don’t use Whatsapp :joy::sweat_smile:.


Yes, I’d be way easier for us all to chat with each other! To use the app we have to add our phone numbers but it doesn’t have any costs :slight_smile:


Ahahah, I am 21 what about you!!?


Oh :frowning:


Ou this sounds like fun! I’d love to make a new group of friends. For the next two weeks, I won’t be really active cause I got exams but I’d love to join otherwise.

I’m nineteen by the way :relaxed:


I’m 20! Yaayy we can most definitely make this work :grin:


Thats sounds awsome


It’s really cool! I have to add at least 2 people to creste the group so I can share the group link for people to join us. Can you guys message me your numbers?


sure, i’ll PM you now


I just saw your message, and answered you! Hopefully more people will join! :blush:


IS THIS STILL A THING? I need friends. Am lonely


Yes hahaha


Omg, I wanna join. Im very active on my phone. I only work part-time and I don’t go to school. I have no life outside of work. I’m also 20, gonna be 21 in April.