Join Shut up and Write - writing community




For more information please contact @jabrownofficial or the group account @shutupandwriteclub where there is a form to fill in.






Can a fantasy writer join in? Are there any genre restrictions?


No genre restrictions at all. We have a lot of fantasy writers. You’re very welcome to join




Hello :slightly_smiling_face:


Hows it going


Ok. We’re still open for members


How do I join?


Hello. There is a book on the @shutupandwriteclub profile with everything you need to know including a joining form


Thank you.


I went to the profile and I clicked on the book, but there was no form in the chapter. Is it still open?


Yes of course it’s still open. I shall pm you the book and explain where exactly the form page is


thanks so much! ^~^


Joining book looks like this. Contains the form


We’re still open for members and have something huge planned for the new year


I would love to join but idk how lol where is the form exactly?


Never mind I found it. Do I post the form in the comment section?


We have something amazing starting in the new year and need all the active members we can get