Join Shut up and Write - writing community



We are still open for new members to take part in our amazing new thing which starts in January. The picture above is a clue, a very small clue, but still a clue.


Ok. Thanks.


We’re open for everyone but we could do with more writers of the following genres

:orange_heart:Mystery, Thriller, Horror
:green_heart:Poetry, Adventure, Historical, and General Fiction

If you write those (any of those) genres and would love to join a group dedicated to writing, friendship and fun then join @ShutUpandWriteClub

Form can be found in the website link on our profile.


Hey! I would love to join your club. I am a fantasy/mystery/fiction writer. I’m pretty new to writing, I hope that’s okay!
Would you be able to send me the link please ?


The link is on @shutupandwriteclub website thing. But I can pm you the link


yes please thank you !!


On it now


We are still open for new members


Would anyone else like to join?


I am very interested in joining. I was wondering if you can PM with the information. I would appreciate it.


Hi, yes of course I can x


Awesome, Thank you!


Hiya, I’m intrigued, and I sent the account a quick message. If there is a way to get the form that would be awesome!

-Ari x


I would like to join!


Hi! I’d like to join


Hello, I shall send the details to you along with the form you will need to join


And I’ll send it to you ask well :slight_smile: