Join Shut up and Write - writing community



We are still open for new members to take part in our amazing new thing which starts in January. The picture above is a clue, a very small clue, but still a clue.


Ok. Thanks.


We’re open for everyone but we could do with more writers of the following genres

:orange_heart:Mystery, Thriller, Horror
:green_heart:Poetry, Adventure, Historical, and General Fiction

If you write those (any of those) genres and would love to join a group dedicated to writing, friendship and fun then join @ShutUpandWriteClub

Form can be found in the website link on our profile.


Hey! I would love to join your club. I am a fantasy/mystery/fiction writer. I’m pretty new to writing, I hope that’s okay!
Would you be able to send me the link please ?


The link is on @shutupandwriteclub website thing. But I can pm you the link


yes please thank you !!


On it now


We are still open for new members


Would anyone else like to join?


I am very interested in joining. I was wondering if you can PM with the information. I would appreciate it.


Hi, yes of course I can x


Awesome, Thank you!


Hiya, I’m intrigued, and I sent the account a quick message. If there is a way to get the form that would be awesome!

-Ari x


I would like to join!


Hi! I’d like to join


Hello, I shall send the details to you along with the form you will need to join


And I’ll send it to you ask well :slight_smile:


We’re still open and are going to start something new as well


Would anyone else like to join?


We’re desperately seeking writers of general fiction, poetry, historical and adventure to come and join in the fun and friendly competition at shut up and write. (All other genres welcome)