Join the Battle Royale! (2019)

Recruitment for this year’s battle royale is up and going! This goes out to everyone, follower or not.

Want to see your character fight it out in a hellish urban environment verses some of my own? Then sign right up!

Character must have some form of paranormal ability or super power. Must have some “realistic” weaknesses, so no god-like characters.

Please post with basic character description, abilities, weaknesses, or any other important characteristics.

Also, please spread this around so we can get some new characters involved.

Will start writing in August.

May the blood bath commence!


A wild Mad Fox has appeared

He has reserved a post

This is not the character im using, but is this a good example of the power level, or much stronger?

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For an example, the character I’m using from my stories is a half-elf named Sam from Dark Redemption. Powerful illusionist with close combat and firearms experience. Likes using powders to pre-cast spells.

She was trained by Logan, a powerful seer, to be a deadly fighter and contractor.

In all, I’m placing her skills and abilities set in the early stages of the series. She get’s very powerful in the late stages.

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Hooray more battle threads

also it’s Battle Royale, with an E

Fixed. Thanks for the point out.

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I imagine this song going off when he appears.

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Would a normal tween girl with super powers that are exemplified by a person trying to take them from her count?

Yes. Sounds like it could work.

Everyone who wants to be part of the the royale, please post a bio for the character.

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What things should be in the bio?


Basic appearance



Any other facts that can support a combat scene. .

Having a hard time choosing a character so i’ll just do a poll

  • Foxy Lady
  • Foxy Sir

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Does this thread have to do anything with EBG (Epic Battle Game) threads? They seem similar to me

I guess the villain of my book Hidden Talent will join.

Name: Cynthiene Rickman

Appearance: A normal person. Cynthiene is a former professional gymnast. I’m not that good in describing a person’s appearance. Cynthiene is basically a taller version of the actress Shailene Woodley, although Cynthiene’s hair is long, red, and wavy.

Abilities: Levitation, telekinesis/psychokinesis (can alter the direction of the attacks of her enemies by simply waving her hands/fingers), the technique named Gravity Press which increases the gravity of a specific area and can also flatten structures not containing metal and could even bend light, and her weapon is a pair of black whipcords, three meters long, with two special effects. First, she can wrap it around a person and solidify it, inflicting the sensation of being burned, electrocuted, or scalded. The second one is called Granular Shift. As long as her whipcords are in flexible form, they can transform any material into something totally different in the form of granules or powder when hit. However, any living thing, including aliens, are unaffected on this effect. If a half-human and half-robot, or a cyborg, is hit by her whipcords in flexible form, the cyborg will experience electrocution and will be greatly weakened.

An excerpt from my story Hidden Talent with regards to the special effect called Granular Shift:

She conjured a long black whipcord on each of her hands, and sliced through the lava and turned it into ice. It quickly turned into water as the dragon followed its attacks with lava spikes. Cynthiene slashed them using her whipcord, which turned the lava spikes into sand.

“So, her whipcords change the element of what it hits?”, Beth asked.

“It seems like it”, I replied.

“Studying my powers, huh?”, Cynthiene said. “Let’s see how far can you go.”

I used “Sand Burial” on her, while Beth’s dragon fired a column of lava right after.

She jumped and twirled her long whipcords and turned the arms of my “Sand Burial” into broken glass, and the lava into glitters of confetti.

“So, it isn’t limited to elements”, I thought. “It might be random. Or Cynthiene intentionally makes it random. I suppose she watched all of my matches intently and analyzed on how I fight.”

“So this is how it is”, Cynthiene said while turning the dragon’s attacks into rocks. “I’ll change the pace.”

Weaknesses: Lightning (Cynthiene will be defeated if she is struck by lightning seven times within 24 hours since she has an invisible shield that protects her exclusively from six lightning strikes. This shield does not block other forms of attacks), absence of light (Cynthiene can’t defend herself properly in complete darkness), poison (either from wounds or by inhaling), extremely fast attacks (not effective if Cynthiene is able to use Gravity Press around her, that could pin her opponents on the ground), stopping time (the opponent has to defend himself from Cynthiene’s telekinetic abilities or else stopping time is useless), and ammunitions/bullets (if she is stupid enough not to avoid them).

Other means of defeating Cynthiene:

  • Outlasting Cynthiene (her whipcords are indestructible for an hour starting the moment it is used), increases of chances winning against her. She will get tired if she is using her abilities non-stop for one hour.
  • Imprisoning/Sending Cynthiene into a place without oxgyen.
  • Her two greatest opponents are an extremely, stealthy assassin who has the ability to make himself invisible, and a sniper.

Other facts about Cynthiene
Cynthiene is intelligent and aggressive, but not reckless. She usually makes a seemingly nonsense move at first to check what would be her opponent’s abilities. Cynthiene is the type of person that can attack while defending herself. She can attack non-stop using her whipcords as she moves gracefully like a gymnast, which render her opponents unable to make counterattacks. She could only use Gravity press once per ten minutes. Although most of Cynthiene’s attacks are in melee range, she can be creative in her attacks, such as using her telekinetic powers to lift up any size of rock from the ground, hit it with her whipcord to transform the rock into either shards of ice or fire balls, then shoot them to her opponent.


No, this one is completely unrelated, though they are similar.


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Foxy Sir won, now to write up the sheet