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  1. Your real name is … but you’re known on wattpad as?

  2. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

  3. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

  4. What does Wattpad success look like to you?

  5. What’s the best way to market your books?

  6. What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

  7. What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

  8. How many hours a day do you write?

  9. What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (child, teenager, young adult)

  10. What are three of the best quotes from your book?

I am not sure if you want answers here or somewhere else…

here is okay

I am known as Dreams but some also call me Kai

6 books published so far on wattpad. 3 of which are poetry and one of them used to be fantasy which is now down for edits till done. There is a collection of short stories which was part of short story may more of experts than stories though.
I am currently working on 3 fantasy stories offline.

I used to write my thoughts out when younger whenever angry or sad I would write a long letter for that person who I sometimes gave or didn’t give at all. I used to make up songs as toddlers do and once I grew out of that I started telling my younger sister stories I made up before going to sleep but that was it I was a storyteller. When I was in 6th grade though how many times I wrote something my teacher would nitpick it in not so good way, to say the least. One assignment was something that changed how I viewed poetry, it was the first time I wrote one so I tried my best to write it with as many resources as I could. That poem left her in disbelief she thought I asked my parents to write it for me when in fact I didn’t. Seeing how spoken words even though when it was already on paper changed how she viewed me I saw poetry as a way to express myself. I didn’t write much of poems till the year after and from then on it became my safe place a place I would write my emotions and thoughts to. That same year as the summer crept in I wondered more and more how life would be if the child before me was born having a child a year older than me than the ones I had which were 10 and 8 years older.

The thought of it grew and soon after it was no longer a story about me and a child who could’ve been born but a pair of twins long lost from their world and into ours. I would spend days and night writing that story as they grew up at the same rate I did though I took them a couple of years back at the beginning. Their story nonetheless stuck and my imagination built on to it. From there on my stories became soul drive my first a story of twins with 3 souls total, my second with one soul and 40, and now third a soul that sacrificed itself to be a guardian to its offspring as we follow that kid’s story.

Fantasy for me was following my imagination’s lead no matter how complicated they made it seem. One word down and hundreds to go, but at the end I was going through a journey with my characters. I became them in a sense as their emotions and fears affected me to no end.

Nada’s fear of the night keeping me days and days once making me stay up for 3 in a row.
NB’s unstable state that I would get voices mixed with each other and so my vision got layered when in her mind.
Kyra’s senses as I was frozen cold in hot weather and sensed a hand that wasn’t there as I started to write.
Syr’s emotions as she helped her kin when she herself couldn’t survive long.
Melvin’s lost and joy.

For me, writing was a way to put my emotions out. For me, writing was a way to live through others and experience experiences I never had.

There wasn’t a book to be exact but books. I lived in a family that cherished reading the first version of the novel Oliver Twist though brown and old still survived in my grandparent’s house. Going to the library was a treat but I was always told I could only take 3 books or less on every visit or none if I already had books pilling up. One festival was one I always looked for the International Books Festival books from all over coming to the capital which I lived in once a year for couple of days. We would go there and go to many places as we could there was no limit to books I could buy at that time. I would be told to sit and read at times as I was known that I wouldn’t reread after I read it once finishing couple of books in each stop and buying others I couldn’t finish reading. We would come with bags full of books and I being captive of words would read them all till I fall asleep from the moment I go to the car till I reach home and the last book is closed and I ask again, “Can we go back?”

For me reading though characters feeling things that weren’t there and going through them was like magic. It was something I wouldn’t choose something other than it.

Even with my books or notebooks taken at night the world I visited stayed and another story started at night.

I try to be true to my characters I couldn’t control a thing if I want they would change all my plans in a second as if I wasn’t there XD

I am not original per say but I am not following any readers either I follow my characters whether original or not.

I don’t think I would be if I didn’t but I don’t believe someone could be a writer without feeling any kind of emotions at all.

That would be a long long list… Or more so hard to think of. In a writing community that supports each other it feels like everyone you talk to is a friend and they all help you in different ways. Some helping e gain some confidence while I write and live my life as well. Some gave me pointers that changed how I write certain scenes. Some pushed me through to write more one word at a time, one sprint at a time words pilled up and so the story continues.
As if we are talking about friends offline who also write having someone to talk to for hours just so you both speak your mind and develop your ideas makes wonders and can help you in different ways.

for what I write or what I read? For me reading both work well. As when writing my stories might not be so stand alone but they can they are all following their own MC but at the same time you see others and you see what happens with them as well.

Don’t think I reached a stage to scale on that, for now my books are undiscovered awaiting for their readers to find their way to them.

hmmm tough question, but I am sure it would be something small if anything a baby of the grown up version. Nothing big for me.

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First published on Wattpad just over a month ago. May 5, roughly. Since then I have completed 1 anthology? (poetry and short story) and have recently started a second. I attempted to write a book in between, but I’m not quite there yet.

I write poetry, not your average poetry. I have a belief that modern day poetry is lacking in a few areas, and I’m not about that life. In every piece I want to tell a story, deliver a message, have grammar, diction, syntax, so many literary tools. I wan’t to set it up, just so I can tear it down, and put it back up again. Using only written word.

Personally, I don’t read a lot of poetry outside research or writing purposes. For hobby, I’m currently reading Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari. It’s an amazing book with so much power in truth, and so much beauty in story (true story).

:100: All day! The power of language is amazing, and I write about it often. There are so many tool, tips, hints, and tricks that can provide great success to anybody worth putting forth the effort. Emotion, plus that, secret sauce. That’s one of my main approaches to this game.

The few people that I’ve met here, not sure if I can name them without permission. A couple from real life and Instagram. I got mad love for my people, and I’m on a mission to spread that joy, love, and positivity. Through mine, and the praise, critique, and mention of yours.

Not sure I understand the question? A book with no sequel? Seems common.

My first series is pulling up on 1k reads, I’ll take it. My second series has only been out a day.

Myself. I’m not sure why this is so popular in writing.

first series:
second series as of yesterday:

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I’m known as Lúlu on wattpad, as far as I know.

On wattpad, I’ve written six or seven, I believe. In total, I’ve started over sixty, and finished maybe half of them.

I was very bored as a young girl, and then I was put in a special program by the school. We were allowed to write a book, and while another girl made a cooking book, I decided to write a story. It was horrible, but I realised that I could daydream about scenarios with me in a book, and that is how my storytelling started. I wrote them down once I started to forget the long stories I’d spun in my head, and I never stopped.

Oh, that is hard. I remember books that changed my life, but a lot of them made me want to read more.
I think what made me want to write as well was the series ‘Narnia’ from C.S. Lewis. I wanted to tell stories like he did. My writing style is very different – no campfire feeling, no storytelling – but I am writing stories now.

I try to write what I would enjoy to read for myself. Additionally, I try to be original, but that is quite hard. Currently, I’m figuring out my preferred writing style and how I plan my stories.

Yes, I think that someone who isn’t as empathetic or seems to not feel emotions strongly can be a writer. Writing is about captivating feelings, and if you know what moves other people, you can do that with your words even if you don’t understand why the readers feel the way they feel.
I believe it to be harder, though, since I am seen as a very emotional person, and I don’t exactly know how I convey emotions.

My best friend writes stories and is a poet. It’s really interesting to see how our writing styles differ, and what kind of ideas they integrate. Because of them, I started trying writing other genres as well, which is a huge challenge, but really improves my writing.
My mother also writes stories, thus I edit thoroughly before showing them to her. It has improved my discipline and my grammar a lot.

I love both. Series is always hard, since I cannot always get the other books, but stand-alone books can have unsatisfactory endings. Both have positive and negative factors, though I believe I prefer none over the other.

On wattpad, not so much. I do not put up my good stories there, though, since I’m extremely self-conscious about those.
If I read them to a friend, they’re always very happy, so with the people who know that I write, my writing is quite popular.

Oh, I would love to say wolf or dragon, but that does not accurately describe me. A phoenix would be cool as well, but as a writer… oh, a hard question.
A cat, maybe. Unpredictable if you don’t know how they communicate and act etc., dangerous if they feel threatened, but utter sweethearts.
(And maybe me, but idk)

I am known as Athela_Perk . But my name is Tina.

I have written one book, which is published in wattpad and many short stories and poems.

I write to fulfill my unfulfilled desires. Like if I am writing an adventure scene, I imagine myself at their position, enjoying whatever the characters are doing. My passion for adventure drove me to write.

The first book of my like was Sherlock Holmes. I think this book inspired me to be a writer. I like the suspense, the emotion in the book. I related myself with the characters, which inspired me to be a detective. But I know it is almost impossible. So, I created my own detective story, where I was the detective.

I want to be original as well as deliver the readers what they like. I can change any scenes from my original creation if the readers want something else.

I think it is necessary to feel the emotions to be a good writer. Otherwise, the story will be like a skeleton.

I am pretty new as a writer. So, I do not have any friends now. But I am interested in making friends. But I want to thank my school friends for motivating me.

I like stand-alone books rather than a series. As you cannot alter some elements in a series book. Readers like fresh content more.

I am not that popular till now. But my story rating is high on the what’s hot list. So, I think it can be popular.

As a writer, I will choose crow as my spirit animal as they are very talented creatures.

Profile link:
Book link:

This looks so fun! I’ll do it :blush: Thanks for offering this to writers on here, that’s really cool!

On Wattpad, I am CherishingLightx3, but someone gave me the nickname “Light” on a chat, so that’s kind of what I’m rolling with at this point as a name.

On Wattpad, I’ve written two so far, with others in the works. One is a preview for a fanfiction series I’m writing that flows just like a book, and is written in a way that if a reader doesnt read fanfiction or are into the fandoms I use, they can still understand the book just fine. That’s great for opening up readership in my opinion.
The other book I’ve written contains some spoken-word poems and other writing pieces I’ve made that talk about some life experiences and lessons I’ve learned. It’s still in-progress.

I write for so many reasons, but I think the greatest and most important reasons I write are that one: writing gives me a voice I don’t normally have in real life. I’m a bit soft-spoken and have lots of trust issues in real life, therefore it’s hard for me to speak my mind a lot because I am unfortunately scared of judgment. When I write, I feel much bolder, I feel more at ease, because people are not judging me, necessarily.They’re reading words on a page or on a screen. Writing gives me a much louder, more open voice than I really have sometimes.
And finally, I write because it’s healing. I’ve been through quite a lot of hard things in my life so far, and writing helps me cope, and it distracts me a lot from my depression.

With no hesitation, I can say Harry Potter. I saw the movies before I read the books, so I was first inspired to write by the story the movies showed. But when I read the books, I became so in awe of how amazing a writer JK Rowling was, that I would try and stay up until past midnight as a child to read a few more chapters of the books. I wanted to be just like her, and become successful just by making worlds and characters in my head, and bringing them to life on a page. To this day, she’s my writing role model.

Yes, I strive for originality. But it can be hard when there are so many other books out there in the world, and you have to make yours stick out from the rest. It’s even harder when it’s fanfiction, and you have this new idea for a world you already love, but don’t want to take away from the original thing.
In terms of catering to the readers I try to a little bit, in that I try to twist cliches that are commonly seen in books. Readers don’t want the same recycled plots anymore, they want new ideas, and that’s what I am trying to do with every book I’m writing. But mainly, I write for myself, and I write the stories I’ve always wanted to read but I’ve never seen anyone else write.

I don’t think it’s impossible, no. They may just have to use a different strategy for writing their book, and there’s no one way to write a book. That’s what makes writing as amazing as it is! It really is to each their own.

I have met some amazing people in the Wattpad community who have just helped me feel more confident in my ability as a writer. People here are so encouraging, and even authors who I am not friends with have just really helped me grow by being friendly and helpful.

I’m not picky–I’ll read both. For writing? Same thing. I’m writing a five-book fanfic series, and then I have original ideas that are going to be stand-alone novels. I just follow the story and where it takes me and if the story leads me to more books, then I write more books.

I’m still a fairly new author, so my books are definitely not up there yet, but they have a fair amount of reads and comments so far considering I’m just a few weeks on this site.

Hmm…maybe a butterfly. They take time to grow and become what they’re supposed to be, and if that’s been the story of my life so far. I’ve been growing a lot, and there’s still more growing to go before sprouting those wings and taking off.

Profile link:
Book links:

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Known as Sara, with exception of older friends who call me Christie. :slight_smile:

I’m currently on my eight or ninth book. Three of which are novella length and published on Wattpad, some are old FanFiction, and one secret trilogy.

I started writing when I was young due to an overactive imagination and a passion to read the stories I created inside my mind. Honestly, my first real project started due to a crush I had. I wanted to immortalize our love forever in a 12 book fantasy series. I wrote three pages. I was also eight.

After that, I came up with story ideas on and off, but I started seriously writing after watching Star Wars. It was 12 at the time and with an ongoing imagination, loved to play out various stories with my sisters. I loved the Clone Wars time period, but I wasn’t satisfied with being a jedi. I wanted to be a clone. But there are no female clones. Or at least, there weren’t. I created my very own character and decided she needed a story. So I sat down and wrote that story.

I finished it, edited it, lost the whole manuscript, and got back an unrevised version. I revised and edited again. Then I tried to publish it. You can’t publish Star Wars fiction without being asked to write it, though, but the publisher I contacted was very kind and inspiring and after that, I began to dream more and more of having a book printed and published.

The stories were always there, but that event flipped a switch in my head, and the lightbulb came on. I realized how much I had loved storytelling the whole time and how integral to my life it was. Writing simply gave me the right outlet for it. Now, I simply can’t stop.

Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. The book includes a short story about Zahn’s own journey to publishing with a company he dearly loved, and the version of the story I read was a 20th Anniversary edition. It included footnotes about where the author got ideas, how he constructed scenes, how he decided on characters, etc. Every single page of that book pushed me further into my dream of becoming a writer.

I’ve sought for balance. Initially, I wanted to break the standard. Throw out the cliche because I’m here with a twist no one will see coming. While I still love that, I have to balance it with things people know and love (not cliches) so that I don’t go too far from the norm and push people away from my stories. I’m still working on it.

Yes. I feel some emotions stronger than others, but I wouldn’t deny myself authorship just because I’m not a blubbering mess over every chicklit movie and beautiful moment. Becoming a writer isn’t about how deeply you feel, it’s about what you do. It’s in the name. A writer is someone who writes.

So many. On here, I’m friends with tons of amazing people, some who write, and some who read, and some who do both. They support me and my writing by letting me know what they love and what they don’t. They give me feedback, talk me through bad days and good days, and help me sort out my thoughts. Their encouragement and aid help me become a better writer because they’re always pushing me to do better, for them. To give them my best, and they’re always willing to help and listen when I need counsel.

Both! I write Stand alone books and Series. Personally, I’ve never topped a trilogy, but anything could happen. For me, the story tells me what it needs to be, whether that’s a standalone novella/novel, or a fourteen book series with 100k novels for every book.

I wouldn’t say they’re famous, but people do seem to enjoy them. I have several loyal readers who enjoy my writing and that’s enough for me. I’m not popular in my own mind, but that’s just me. Concerning Wattpad’s levels of popularity, I would be UnDiscovered, but I hope that someday my books are good enough that I could say they’re Discovered.

My cat. Filled with spite but small and adorable, she’s my spirit animal.

( Tell me if I need to link a story!)

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I currently have 6 books in total that are published on wattpad majority of which are poetry. Working on 3 fantasy books offline at the moment.

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