Journey to Freelance Editing

Hi there!

I’m looking into starting a freelance editing business, and I’d like to use this thread to discuss ideas and post about my progress. I’ve studied editing in university and have some experience editing novels, and being able to sustain myself as an editor is a major goal of mine. It would be great to have discussions with people who are trying, or have tried, similar things, and to give updates now and then on how I’m going with it. Would anyone be interested in this?

Also, any advice is welcome. I’m just starting out, so I need all the advice I can get.


You can join freelance websites such as Freelancer, Upwork etc. Also Ziprecruiter is a good one. It seems to deal mostly with companies and is not wholly remote centred.

There are also a few editing companies that hire freelance editors from all over the world so you could google those. Good luck!

Thank you! Yeah, I’ve heard of some of those sites. Do you have experience with them? If so, which did you find most useful?

Hey there! I’m Jane Barnaby, and I became a freelance editor January this year. I mainly work through Fiverr, and things have been going quite well so far. Not well enough to be a true income, but it’s definitely a nice side gig. This month, I’ve become a level one seller, meaning that I have access to more features and get a bump in the search rankings.

When I started out, no one was really to help me as they were convinced I wouldn’t make it, but here we are. If you have any questions, I’m here to help. I don’t have much experience with platforms other than Fiverr, though I plan to test the waters in other places in the near future too.

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I have experience with Freelancer. I would say it is only good as a side gig. A lot of the pay is low though there are some high ones. And you can sometimes find long term freelance work with a company.

I think if you want something steady you should maybe directly apply to the editing companies I spoke of. From your qualifications I think you have a great shot. Though I have not worked with those types of companies.

That’s awesome @FireAlwaysReturns. It sounds like you’re doing great. Did you start a website or just go straight through the site?

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Thanks for the info @aineluz. It’s interesting to me to see how others have done it. I’m actually thinking of going into it with someone else. We both have complimentary strengths when it comes to editing and I think we’ll make a good team. I know it will take a while to build something steady. I’m just trying to figure out how to get started at this stage and see where it goes.

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Interesting. Since it seems like you have a business partner you could create a business together or maybe get a job with these companies to learn how the market works while building your own business?

Yeah, that’s what we’re going for. I’ve been doing some research to figure out how that would work. I like the idea of being self-sufficient in whatever way I can

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Good luck.

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I didn’t start a website because I knew that no one would find me because I have no presence. I figured I’d take my time to build up my client base on a site that is made to connect buyers and freelancers first.

That’s interesting. Probably a good way to do it