Judging a Book by its Cover


8.5/10 - I love the font choices and how simple yet striking the image is. The placement of your name messes with the overall composition a little, though, because it’s the only uncentered thing on the cover and stops my gaze from moving in a smooth line down to the creature’s eyes. But yeah, it’s a super striking cover and one that would catch my attention immediately while I scrolled through books. :grin:



thank you so much for your feedback! and you’re right about the author name… I’ll see if it looks better placing it on the bottom. Thanks! :blush: (Like your cover by the way, looks striking!)




Oh I love it!! I’d give a 10/10!


I give it 9/10! It looks simple, but not too simple and it looks like a book cover you could find in a library or something! However the bottom part where it says ‘written by…’ is hard to read. Maybe it could be at the top of the cover? But other than that, it’s really great :slight_smile:


8/10. The wolf contrasting the moon, which contrasts the black background is really beautiful and eye-capturing. Maybe it’s the formatting when you pasted it on this, but the moon is stretched vertically and the text isn’t aligned, which is the only reason why I docked two points. Otherwise it’s great and “the secrets of Lycans and hunters” makes me want to find out more.



9/10 I like it in that it captures my attention and isn’t too distracting with a bunch of pictures and stuff. Good job! I really like how the eyes stand out, and the lettering just draws your attention to them too.



10/10 I really like this cover and it’s really cool how it’s spliced. Honestly I don’t know how you made this cover so well but the font is perfect for the title and I’m already intrigued by the cover to see what the book is about.


Wow thank you so much! It honestly took me a long time to edit the picture! I also used a website called Canva to actually make it the right size + add the font :blush: (FYI your cover is stunning holy guacamole)


Thanks so much!!


WOW. That is just so amazing. It’s certainly got my attention. But the title of your book isn’t quite visible. It’s visually stunning, don’t get me wrong. But don’t forget that you have to showcase your book title first rather than anything else :slight_smile:


Very pleasant colour scheme, but at the same time it feels like it lacks a sort of ompf to it? I’d consider lightening and desaturating the background so there’s more contrast between the “Queen” part of the title and the rest of the image. Otherwise, I like the rough font, seeing at it really helps justify the diagonal lean of the title. Gives it a sort of smeared blood look, instead of a “this just made it easier to fit in the title” situation. The other two fonts they look a bit more mismatched? I can’t quite sum it up in a few words without sounding really vague, but they almost look out of context? Well, as for the layout I think its good. Nothing more to say there.

Made the cover a bit smaller, cause its formatted to be seen how most wattpadders would see it, rather than like a proper book cover. Otherwise the composition become kiiiinda shit :^)
Art was made by me btw, if that gives me anybonus points.


I’ve already posted mine but I just wanted to say GOSH YOU’RE COVER IS AMAZING! srsly!


Wow thank you so much!! :relaxed::two_hearts:


I really like this and how it stands out! It pulls at eyes and makes me want to pick it up for a gaze over, so the cover is compelling if anything! My only itch is how your name is written, I would have kept that in the same style as the title and just a tad smaller! So a good 10/10 for me on this one!



Very pleasant look. It’s simple yet appealing, and adjust well to the theme. It’s a book I would most likely read, or at least check the summary. I can only wonder why you chose the bloody theme and red color scheme as the title doesn’t suggest danger, neither does that cute wolf. It looks good, but I feel there’s a feeling you’re failing to convey with this.



91/2 I love white wolfs in the snow just as much as I love snow owls.

I like how the wolf isn’t washed out from the winter backdrop that is a tricking manner and you done well with this cover making sure the wolf stands out.




I guess I’m going to “judge” your cover! Hopefully this will help. I’ve been certified as a graphic designer, so I sincerely hope it does, but the first thing that I notice when looking at this cover, and the only thing that my eyes want to focus on, is the people. I have to physically move my eyes up and down the cover to see the rest of the image. It blends beautifully into the background, and it’s very romantic, but when Wattpad is filled with cover images with people in the same position it doesn’t make your cover stand out.

2nd, you want your title to stand out too. Because of the color it is, that makes it very difficult and some of the words blend into the background.

3rd. I could barely see your name up at the top. If it were black, it would be much easier to see, but because it’s this really pretty, light blue, I just can’t see it at first glance.

If you had to change your cover in anyway, (not saying you have to. That’s entirely your choice.) I would work on the contrast in the upper part of the background, change the color of the “snowed in Honeymoon” to the color of the cottage so that it’s matching, and then either move your name or change the color of it.

[EDIT: So I just realized I was supposed to include a score??? I hope you don’t mind but I’m not going to do that. Slapping a number on something like that is superficial and biased and doesn’t help you in anyway. So I’d rather just leave my advice as it is. :D)



Anyone wanna judge mine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: