Julia's Simple Covers <3



Julia’s Simple Covers <3

Hiya, I’m Julia and I make simplistic covers. If you’d like to request my only rules are that you’re kind, patient, and won’t be requesting from multiple threads at once. I’m more likely to accept requests for romance / teen fiction covers, but I’m open to anything. There is no official payment, but if you’d like to check out my works or follow me that would be appreciated. My Wattpad Profile.

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Ideas / Pictures:



Anything Else:


Title: His Muse

Subtitle: n/a

Author: Arika Lowe

Ideas / Pictures: Okay, so basically, this I really simple. I have two ideas: either a closeup if a brunette girl, or a picture of a couple (both brunettes, preferably) hugging; for this idea, I like what you did with “The Boy I Hate” But I have more inspiration images below:

Genre: teen fiction // romance

Mood: very light and happy and… well, romantic

Anything Else: thank you!


@coconut-waterrr accepted <3


Title: Purple Death

Author: bangtancha

Ideas / Pictures: A picture of BTS (all seven of them) OR a picture of J-Hope only, looking kinda sad/dark. Title written in the same font as my other covers (see my profile for that).

Genre: Murder mystery/BTS fanfiction

Mood: Kinda sad/dark, but the colors don’t have to be dark. (I hope that makes sense haha)

Anything Else: I LOVE my current covers for my fanfics and I’d like something in the same style if possible. Also feel free to ask if the form isn’t clear about something :smiley:


Thank you! I followed you :heart:


@bangtancha Denied, only because I don’t have access to that font or one similar enough to it. Sorry! I hope you find somebody <3


No problem, I understand :slight_smile: thanks!


Title: Love Assignment

Author: faraahsquared

Ideas / Pictures: I’d love a cover featuring a couple facing each other, preferably with dark colours to show it’s a passionate romance story. It’s a student/teacher story if that helps with the theme, so if the cover could convey that forbidden romance it would be great

Genre: Romance

Mood: Dark colours, passionate, forbidden theme

Anything Else: The main character has copper reddish hair, so I’d be super grateful if any image of a girl reflects the hair colour if possible, if not then no problem

Thanks in advance!


@coconut-waterrr Delivery <3 I hope you like it!


@faraahsquared Accepted <3




@faraahsquared Delivery <3 I’ve been waiting for a story to use this photo for, and I thought it looked fitting.


Thank you so much it’s beautiful, it definitely showcases the vibe I was going for, and matches the passionate theme
When i use it I’ll credit you and everything, thanks for your help!




Author: Aismovingalong

Ideas / Pictures: Luke Hemmings and Jasmine Brown if possible? hand-writing style font maybe?

Genre: Romance

Mood: aesthetic, calm, love etc

Anything Else: Thank you so much!


Title: Learning to Love


Author: Saint Caliendo

*Ideas / Pictures:*I’d really like flowers or flowery writing. If you want to have a person in the cover it could be a boyish man with sand blonde hair and blue eyes.

Genre: Romance

Mood: Calm/Serene

Anything Else: Thank you if you decide to do this!

Title: Why I Love Him.


Author: Saint Caliendo

Ideas / Pictures: Cursive writing. You can have a man with curly red hair in front.

Genre: Romance.

Mood: Playful.

Anything Else: Thank you if you decide to do this!


@Aismovingalong Accepted <3 I’ll try my best!


@saintc Accepted <3 (both haha)


Thank you!


I’d like to request a cover :slight_smile:

Title: Devil’s Child

Subtitle: None

Author: Joey B. Roberts

Ideas / Pictures: I had this one idea of a close up on a muscular demon that looks like a guy. There is fire around his legs and his hand is up, holding a ball of fire. His face is shadowy but his eyes glow. He has devil horns and wings.

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Mood: Darkish, hues of red and orange.

Anything Else: Not really :slight_smile:


@JoeyB_Roberts Denied, because your ideas are so specific that I wouldn’t be able to find the right photos. Sorry! <3