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@Aismovingalong Delivery <3 Okay so, those two don’t have like any photos compatible for a manip. I tried, but it just wasn’t working and I’m not that talented with photoshop. So I ended up just doing… this? I totally understand if it’s not what you’re looking for.


@saintc Delivery <3 I hope you like these!


Thank you! They’re lovely!


Title: Beyond the waves

Subtitle: N/A

Author: 1flawlessflaw

Ideas / pictures: The setting involves the sea/ocean so basically, a merman swimming in the water. I really want a purple tail with pink highlights around the fins. I’d very much love it if he has a medium sized body (not musculine though).

Genre: Teen fiction/ romance

Mood: Serene

Anything else: Thanks in advance


Thank you very much. Also you’re very talented!


@1flawlessflaw Denied, because I wouldn’t be able to find such a specific picture <3


@KateAnnee Accepted <3 (and thank you!)


@KateAnnee Delivery <3 How do you feel about this?


Loving it!! Thank you very much! <3


*Titre: “Octavia Senoro”

*Sous-titre: “Le rêve d’un règne”

*Auteur: camilleGARET

*Idées / Photos: J’aimerais une couverture avec les personnages que j’ai posté dans mon histoire…Je vous fais confiance pour le reste (police, décor…)

*Rien d’autre: C’est une fiction française. Merci beaucoup !! <3<3


@camilleGARET I’m going to deny because I don’t speak the language you wrote your form in. <3


Title: Indelible Love
Author: Jamicaaay
Ideas/Pictures: a couple facing each other or sitting in a bench.
Genre: Teen fiction
Mood: aesthetic, love etc
Anything Else: Thanks in advance


@Jamicaaay Accepted <3


@Jamicaaay Delivery <3 Hope you like this!



Title: her misty whisper

Subtitle: she soared with her, and hadn’t stopped since.

Author: scripturecoal

Ideas / Pictures: maybe an airplane? or a flight attendant outfit or something? or even a woman in a pantsuit without her face.

Genre: romance

Mood: something purple, sad but also relaxing

Anything Else: nope


Title: Don’t
Author: _ Zelycha480 _
Ideas: he leaves to join the airforce and she doesn’t want him to go. I want something that’s bittersweet if possible.
Genre: Romance
mood: heartbreak and impossible love
anything else: Thank you!


Title: Un-Living

Subtitle: N/A

Author: EnchantedWriting

Ideas / Pictures: I am looking for something super simple! Perhaps a light peach background with a pair of headphones or a girl with headphones on. If you do the girl, you can do a girl with earbuds, all I ask is her hair is black.

*Genre:*Teen Fiction

*Mood:*Light and peachy. The tune of the entire story is about Eating disorders and mental illness, but I am hoping to incorperate some sort of romance in there.

Anything Else: N/A

Thank you!