Just a new test xD


What do you guys think of the new forum?

Vote on the poll and leave a comment :smiley:

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the color scheme bothers me a bit, and the large pictures on the main screen really distract me. I probably just need to get used to it.


Yup! It is a bit of an adjustment, but the added bonuses and extra features are SO worth it :smile:


bonusses like what? smileys? (I have a minor thing against emojis)


Images are so easy to add, you can add bold and italics by just pressing the button (the other coding is a bit a downer, so some things in that sense is a bit suckish)

You can “heart” comments, easily quote someone to reply to them, add polls, blur spoilers .

There’s quite a bit :grin: but it is a really big adjustment.


O.O WE HAVE IMAGES?!!!?!!? omg omg om this is awesome. Alright, this site wins from the forums already.

Wait, how will you be sure the picture thing won’t be abused?


We can blacklist certain domains and also create a rule (if wanted) to not allow users to upload certain pics until they’ve been active on the site for a while. Also, users can flag stuff as inappropriate and if a picture gets a certain number of flags, it’s automatically taken down


hold up, you’re a mod? o.o


Oh, yeah ! sorry ha


You can change how you see categories


Wait, now I’m curious…is that your wattpad username? Or are you undercover like a secret agent / ninja?


No, I’m LaurenLeto on Wattpad, this is just my nickname with friends. I didn’t feel like putting my whole name out there when I knew people maybe wouldn’t like Communities :confused: :sweat: :unenthused_ghost:


Lauren is a cool name, just like your initials being LL. it sounds like something from a book


So, UncleL comes from me being called LL by my friends ---- people connected me as LL to LLCoolJ and LLCoolJ’s nickname is UncleL…and somehow I ended up with that

i. The Coder's Society

Well hey there.
uncleL is actually a cool username


thanks :slight_smile:


That’s basically how I ended up with “kaydot” :joy:

Imagine the amount of reports you’d have filed against you :sweat_smile: :sob:


hahahah Wattpad HQ is like, “Sorry, Lauren, we have to delete your account…everyone hates you”


@xkaydotx Now I’m imagining that

@uncleL Haha


:joy: :joy: :joy: