Just a question

Is this for bible thumpers only? Or can I go all indigenous up in here?

I hope, just because I’m not practicing, doesn’t mean I’m not Asarathian.

(Slight joke about my between torn between Buddhism and The Satanic Temple.)

p sure this club is for all denominations of all sorts of faith. Mostly for their books about said faith, but still.

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Does it have to be about a labeled faith?

To me, spirituality is as much about about the awareness of something bigger than any labeled faith.

I have a book I’m trying to pinpoint a genre for, and the greatest portion seems spiritual even though it doesn’t strictly deal with faith.

The underlying themes cover connectedness with humanity as a whole, how every life impacts another. All decisions have repercussions. Forgiveness of self and others are also themes. A lot of spiritual stuff with no real theology.

It also has large elements of one character having the ability to glimpse the future…but it almost feels like thats more of a vehicle for the true story than the story itself. Even if the premonitions are a central theme…they are the guide through the character’s spiritual journey…

The club is entitled spiritual, not religious. Any discussion relating to personal growth, life after death, specific religions… all of it!