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First, hello. How are you?

I was wondering if people could give me suggestions on book printing sites and maybe like a few pros and cons for them? Where I can print out a physical copy for myself. A friend of mine uses lulu.com for creating printed copies of her book. I am tempted to use the same site but thought I’d shop around.

Can printing a copy for yourself affect your rights in any way or affect your work if you then want to trad publish it in the future? (I want to say no but with some sites, you never know. Ya’know?)


I love Lulu! I used it to print myself a copy of my own book (I outlined it in this thread: I printed a personal copy of my book). The price was reasonable, at only about 11 USD, including shipping. I loved the final result.

Getting yourself a personal copy shouldn’t impact your rights. You’re not making the book for sale, and it’s just for you. Make sure to read the terms of service of the site you’re on, just to stray on the safe side.


Thank you! :smiley:


How long did it take you to set your book up on their site? And do they warn you if your image quality for the cover isn’t good enough?


Setting it up on their website is as easy as uploading the formatted document and the cover. They give you the specifications of how everything needs to be formatted and templates to follow for your files. Once your files are uploaded they also have a preview pane to show you what it’ll look like when printed.

I can’t remember if there was a quality warning or not, but like I said, they do give you a template to follow to make the cover wrap, or you can upload a single image into one of their designs.


Blurb.com is a good site too - they even have their own add-on for Adobe InDesign :smile:


I’ll check it out!


Of course Amazon KDP has a print on demand service. Check the shipping costs to your location. For example, lulu prints locally in Australia so their shipping costs for Australians is less than Amazon’s would be. But maybe KDP’s is less expensive for someone in the U.S.


That was a good question :pray:




Amazon. Kindle Direct Publishing.

KDP used to be ebook while CreateSpace was print. Amazon bought CreateSpace and merged it with KDP (and did away with CreateSpace) so KDP is now both ebook and print on demand.


Ohhh, see that’s good to know. I had no idea that had happened. It goes to show it helps to do research and ask questions.

Have you printed self copies before?


I’m ebook only.

I keep hearing that most sales are ebook so I didn’t want to bother formatting for print. It’s much more difficult than ebook which has very little formatting. I don’t need a personal print copy of my novels.


That makes sense! I want to hold it in my hand so I guess not everyone needs a physical reminder they wrote a book :joy:

Thank you for the info!


What country are you in? You may have to pay shipping, which can change the price you’re paying substantially, so figure that into your cost as well.


I used lulu to print a couple copies of my book and the quality is wonderful. My only issue, which may have been more on me for my selections and/or the fact I threw the design together too fast, is the covers printed dark. The first one I got free for winning Nano when Lulu was still a sponsor, only paid shipping. The second on cost me $22 after everything but it is a beautiful hardbound that I used to help me edit when I was still considering publishing. Even though I probably will never find the confidence to publish, both my copies are something special for me to have.


I’m in the US so I’ll have to look at location and costs! Thank you :pray:


You’re welcome. You have lots of options open to you in the US!


22 is kind of expensive but I guess it’s the price of Any other hardcover book? I want to have something to show for all the work I’ve been doing so printing would be personal and special.


Time to do googling! :joy: