Just an idea, but should I do it?



Should I make a YT account where I (and/or anyone who wants to) could make like an audiobook/drama cd for Wattpad stories? EDIT: With the author’s permission, of course~
EDIT EDIT: The videos will NOT be monetized if it ever gets to that point.

  • Yes
  • No

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And I want to name it “Waddio” (I don’t know if it’s okay to use “Watt” because it’s not officially by Wattpad, and I don’t want to be sued. :joy::joy::joy:), but should I name it something else?

  • Waddio
  • Waudio
  • Other - Comment what name you came up with

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I’ll give more details if anyone has any questions. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Fun idea! You’d clear it with writer first, right?

And I don’t think Wattpad would sue you :joy: but we might ask nicely to choose a name that’s not Watt-related :diamond:

Waddio is cool!


I think it’s a cool idea, but definitely ask the writers permission first before using their work.

From Wattpad terms of service:

Don’t steal any content from Wattpad without permission. Don’t change, translate, reproduce, distribute or otherwise create derivative works of any content unless you get explicit consent from the author of that content.

I know it says “steal”, but I’d consider what you want to do as derivative works, falling under this.

There’s something in the terms somewhere about using Wattpad’s name / logo, but I need to find it.

(This is the policies page: https://policies.wattpad.com/terms/)


Definitely get the writers permission first. I like the idea but I’d be very upset if someone recorded my work without my consent.


@uncleL @Makaylasophia @Prisim Oops, forgot to clarify that I would do it with the author’s permission. XD I’ll edit it in.


This sounds like it would be really awesome and I personally would love if someone did this with my story. It would be interesting to hear the stories come to life.


I say go for it! :smiley:

Do it for the Youtube money writers! :joy:


@Lilly_B_L Love the idea =]


I’m kinda heartbroken that Waudio is winning, lol. :sob::sob::sob:


Fixed it for you!


Lol, thank you! Now, to blackmail convince others to choose Waddio! XD


Waudio! Waudio!


I foresee one possible complication:

It may come to the point where the Youtube video/audio is eligible for monetization but the Wattpad work is not.

Who gets the ad revenue?


The thing is, I always thought to do it for free, even if YT were to make it eligible for monetization- I mean, I don’t even have a paypal (and even if I did, I’m not gonna link it to a bank account).

So, I either find someone WHO I CAN REALLY, REALLY TRUST to take the money and give them to the respective authors, or no one gets the money at all.

It’s kinda stupid, I know, but due to my circumstances, that’s just how I gotta do it if all of this happens.


That’s cool, just be clear when you make the offer that the YT video will not be monetized.


Okay, thanks for pointing that out! :smiley: