Just Some Questions About Wattpad



Okay, Wattpad’s been going through some major upheavals lately. We’ve got new features and new systems, and things just keep on changing. So I wanted to ask some questions.

In general, do you like Wattpad?

  • Yes
  • Neutral
  • No

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In general, do you like the recent changes (Next beta, new featuring system, etc.)?

  • Yes
  • Neutral
  • No

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How long have you been on Wattpad?

  • Less than 1 year
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years
  • 6 years
  • 7 years
  • 8 years
  • 9 years
  • 10 or more years

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Do you see yourself leaving Wattpad in the near future?

  • Yes
  • Unsure
  • No

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If you did say you’re thinking of leaving, is it because of these changes?

  • Yes
  • Somewhat
  • No
  • Other Reason

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Do you think Wattpad will be here in the near future?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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And here’s an open-ended question for you:

If you could change one thing about Wattpad, what would you change and why?

Please try to keep this topic calm and respectful! There will almost certainly be people with different opinions, and everyone should feel free to share.

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

I wish they’d be more transparent with the changes they make. They tend to shoot first and ask questions later, so to speak. I wish they had some version of patch notes - like what game developers use to tell users about upcoming changes.

I feel like there would there would’ve been less hostility towards the Next beta if we had more time to process it before it was dumped on our heads.


I agree with all of this! I really like the new feedback/news section, but I wish they’d use it more to update us on what’s going on


Tough to pick just one thing, but I’m going to be selfish and say that it would be wonderful if there was more support/recognition for good user-run community profiles.

I feel like they do a lot to create a good community atmosphere and improve the experience here for both readers and writers. They can give people more of a reason to join the site and to stay on the site, and they can also help improve the quality of writing so that even more readers are attracted here.

It would be nice to for people to be able to have an easier time of finding them, especially when they’re first joining the site and trying to find their way around. It would also be unbelievably awesome if some people from Wattpad would send a few tips or an encouraging message to some of the really great ones.

Like I said, definitely selfish and also pretty pie-in-the-sky, but I hope my answer will get balanced out as just one among many that will be left by others. :slight_smile:


They also have a Facebook page, Twitter and a news book.


I agree that it can be super overwhelming for a new user! Someone who was running a community profile the other day mentioned how hard it was to grow a user-run community because there’s very little opportunity for recognition unless you’re a book club. I wonder if Wattpad could do something to support user-run communities and groups somehow?


Next year will be my fifth year joining WP and the thinking of leaving because of the change is actually ‘depends’ so ‘somewhat’ is my ‘depends’ option :stuck_out_tongue:

Announcing to wattpadders with clear words.

I love WP and I’m ok/neutral to changes but some news or wording needs to be a little clearer for many Wattpadders with the link. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I agree. There’s been a lot of confusion (and maybe even fear? I know I was super afraid about this site dying, because I really do love it) over these changes because they can be pretty vague sometimes. I wish they would change that too!


I just feel like Wattpad could use a lot of communication with its users.
They have this tendency of making changes immediately, and surprising us users.
I do know they have certain test countries and stuff, but still, it still takes us by surprise.
But Wattpad is nice right now, and the only thing I don’t want them to change is the free reading part, like I really hope they don’t start asking the users money to read a book.
That’s all.:blush:


Yeah, the only way we manage to stay visible is by having books where we publish reviews and interviews with authors. We also have a book where we post book covers that we make for users.

But a lot of what we do is behind the scenes. We offer free critiques through private messaging to anyone who wants them. We offer free editing that gets done through Google Docs just because it’s easier to work with the authors to point out errors and make suggestions there. We also collaborate with other groups and help them with what they’re doing. None of that is helping us rank or get recognized, but I’d like to think it’s all good for the community.


I agree with the transparency.

I also wish the system was less unlocking based and more focused on tipping. Maybe there could be an incentive like if the you pay the author a total of $10 then you get something in return, like sent some swag, etc.


I don’t know how possibly it would be, but I would say a more equal opportunity site for everyone. It feels like, (and while I applaud Wattpad for helping authors) there has been an elite that exists on the site for quite some time and those people are somehow the only thing Wattpad ever highlights, promotes, etc. To the undiscovered or newer author that feels very daunting. It’s like staring at a giant and thinking there’s no way you could ever reach that. If Wattpad could present more big opportunities for all authors, not just the ones with 50K-1M reads, that would be amazing.


I totally agree!
I’ve been on Wattpad for like 4 years (on a different account), and I see what you mean.
There’s like these fixed group with so many reads, and that’s the exact story that comes on the “recommended” part, so we small authors don’t get much publicity at all.
Your idea is totally amazing!

I feel the same way too. I wish Wattpad could motivate us in some way. (:


Exactly. I think I’ve seen the same promoted stories for months, even years.

There’s honestly a lot I think Wattpad could change to have a more positive appeal, but that’s a big one as a writer.

Literally nothing in their recommended sections that ever piques my interest. The home page is a mess, I avoid it at all costs.


my homepage is filled with smut, ugh.
and teen fiction and chicklit and stuff.
i have nothing against those stories, but I usually read mysteries.
I just wish they would have a more personalized home page.
(I think I’m asking for too much, lmao)


Well, Nick is asking questions about how to clean it up, so that’s a plus.

I do feel like the Watty’s has made a slight effort to highlight more undiscovered author, but that so far feels like really the only major opportunity and it’s still cluttered with huge popular authors.

This gave me an idea…


Personally I’m fine with monetizing some content as long as free content remains and I can post my stuff for free. I’d really prefer them not to have hard paywalls, but maybe a donation system instead, or at the very least non-monetary ways to earn currency.

@d_s_t_e Those are all great things! What community is this?

AGREE. I want to give those sweet, sweet tips.

@sarakbeeksma I get where you’re coming from, because I’m a small-time author. I was on this site for five years before one of my books randomly got featured, and it’s only because of that that any of my books have above 5K reads. But personally, I think that smaller authors do have opportunities. Anyone can win a Watty; it’s no longer a strict popularity contest. Anyone can apply to be featured. I understand why there’s a hot list for the really popular books who are pulling in hundreds of reads per day, and I understand why Wattpad promotes its monetized stories (they want that sweet, sweet cash), but I think there are opportunities for smaller authors.

I would like a dismiss button so I don’t have to see those promoed stories all the time. I also would like an area or maybe an event for authors with books under X reads to get more recognition… like Undiscovered Author Month or something where all of the featured books start out with X number of reads, certain popular users are encouraged to share their favorite undiscovered books, etc. I think that could be a really great way to help some of these smaller stories gain more recognition!

@romeo-oh I don’t think you’re asking for too much at all. I want reccomended books that I’d like to read, I’d like a tag blacklist, and I’d like a permanent dismiss button.

That’s what I want for Christmas.


yes. that would be great!
I love the idea of donating voluntarily instead of paying for it.

YES. a permanent dismiss button would be so good, and a tag blacklist would indeed be a perfect present for Christmas!:joy:


I do know about the opportunities likes the Watty’s and featuring, but it still feels daunting. Even the Watty’s is still predominantly popular stories and big books. They did a better job this year, but I feel like the big books are simply more likely to have an advantage in Watty’s featuring, etc.

I’ve been on Wattpad three years (two with this account) and so yeah, I feel pretty invisible. I do my best to promote, but I feel like I’m pulling all the work while the big authors are just getting shoved down my throat while they sit back and rack up reads.

That said, I’m not aiming to be popular or the next big hit, it would just be nice if there were more than three or four options open to undiscovered and smaller authors and that in all things it didn’t feel like the popular big books didn’t have some sort of unfair advantage.


One thing I learned about businesses is they don’t start caring until they start losing money. It’s usually too late when this happens. Think about all the major companies that we loved that are gone. It’s going to take a big drop in revenue and usership for anything to actually change for the better. Hopefully it’s not too late for Wattpad.

Edit:I’ve been on here for a Month! A month! And I’ve never seen so many toxic, condescending, negative, and rude comments. It blots out all the good it was intended to be. This is the part of Wattpatt I don’t really like.