Just Some Questions About Wattpad



Yeah, I’ve been frustrated about that myself. What kind of options would you like to see?


The Pokémon community. :slight_smile: Very small and specialized, but we try to be the best that we can be!


Back in like 2015, the system was much better. You could only rank in your main category and it was easier to find new books because it would update every week. I miss these times where if you wrote your book, you could always check in the “what’s new” section and you’d find it there.


Yes. I hope so too.
Wattpad is one of my favorite sites, and I love a lot of books here. I hope they won’t shut down. it’d be sad.


So an overhauled tag/ranking system and the return of What’s New?


Yes, and there used to be these “rising authors” section or something, where Wattpad users with 50-60 followers or less would be featured.
I used to love it. Wish they’d bring it back.


I’m reserving final judgement on Next if/when it gets out of beta. Theres things I like and things I don’t like about the test. So I’ll wait to see how it changes (or if) between now and the final product.

Love they brought back the featured form. I wasnt a big fan of going to a tag system. Just feel like that opened up the flood gates a bit too much. The rest of the changes for it are still too new for me to form an opinion so I’ll give it a bit then decide. I liked the idea of themed lists so am a little sad about them going away.

As for what I’d change…honestly I dont know really. Wattpad will never be perfect but theres nothing at the moment that really has me up and arms. I have a lot of wait and see things, but nothing that I’m so passionate about it needs changing just yet. Most of the things I had I know they’re working on fixing. So for now I’m a content bunny.


I would always dig through the Undiscovered Gems section. It was mostly books I didn’t like, but it felt so fun finding a good one. I wish they’d make a curated Undiscovered list


I agree with all of this


I think it would be cool if there were options such as the following:

  • Applying to have Wattpad promote your book through not just the site, but also social media and such.

  • More Promotion happening on the genre pages. It’s really easy to get into their lists, but it would be cool if they did promotions for the books in those lists since they’re more of an even mix.

  • A better mix of undiscovered books in the Watty’s (though they are working on this it seems)

  • A more frequent turnover for the books they do promote so they could include more authors, specifically undiscovered.

  • Different applications for different kinds of promotions.

  • Author interviews for small or undiscovered authors.

Stuff like that. Just something more available to the public that anyone and everyone can apply for but isn’t biased towards popularity or big books, and also offers more people to have a chance at getting featured or promoted.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that featured books may not change for months, but if Wattpad did more of a bi-monthly or even tri-monthly featured program, they could possibly include hundreds of authors per year.


that would be so awesome, and a wonderful opportunity for all the users and authors!


I like all of this a lot!!!


Thank you! I’m sure not all of it would be possible, but I think just making turnover rates faster could include more people and if the system became less biased towards big books that could possibly help a few more smaller authors slip in there and have their five minutes of fame too. I know a ton of undiscovered authors who deserve that recognition, and it might be selfish, but I wouldn’t mind a little feature or promotion myself.


I know of a community group that does this. They have qualified people go out and search for good books with not many reads and then promote them on their profile. That one is also for a very specific audience, but I think it would be great if there were more like it out there!


I just worry that with a shorter featuring time, the books chosen won’t get a very long “moment in the spotlight.” As an author, I’d much rather have my book featured for a month than ten or fifteen days. What if Wattpad simply increased the number of featured stories?


Is there an option to make the results of the poll private? It might make people feel better about answering.


There is! I don’t know if I can change it now, though… I’ll try!


Well, when I say shorter I mean for a few months, say three rather than six. I think that at least 2 months should be retained for any featuring just so the book has time to be recognized, read, and discovered by people, but leaving books up there 6-12 months at a time is a long time for the same fifteen books to stay up there. At some point pretty much everyone has seen them and they’re tired of it. If Wattpad aimed to change the featured list out say 3-6 times a year, though, they could got through tons more authors and still give them decent time to be features.


yes, there is.
just dont click on the show who voted part when you’re making a poll.:blush:


When you build poll don’t tick the ‘show who voted’ and that’s it. Kind of too late now :sweat_smile:

You have to ask club mod if time’s up