Just Some Questions About Wattpad



@Xenoclea @romeo-oh @Angelic_Vamp I was hoping it could be changed now. But yeah, probably too late now.


I thought featured books were only up for a month?? O.O


I’m going to ask a club mod, because I think that it would probably help people if it was anonymous


Are they? I’ve heard people in the past mention that they’ve seen the same featured books a lot longer than that.

If it’s only a month that’s already a pretty quick turnover.

I’m surprised they don’t open up feature applications each month.


When I was featured my book was up for a little less than a month. I assumed that was how it always was! I don’t really check the featured lists every day :sweat_smile:


Hm, there’s nothing in FAQ’s, so I’m not really sure. Maybe some books get refeatured month by month frequently or transferred to bigger lists. I know they’ve been doing a lot of changes so it could have to do with that too.


Also, @everyone, the polls are now private!


I think featuring and the length of time for it has been done differently in the past? I don’t know, but I feel like I heard that somewhere at some time.


I know little about it. There’s nothing about it in FAQ’s, I’ve never had experience with being featured, and there’s no category for it on the site, so I’m just going off what I’ve heard.


I do agree with this. I’ve been featured twice previously (before they went to the tag system) and both times were too long, not that I complained ROFL. I was on for a combined one year and eight months. When Wattpad went to the tag system there were still books featured from my first time on the list which was like 4 or 5 years ago.

So adding a time limit was badly needed. But I do agree that a week or two just isn’t enough time. I think a month would be more than reasonable a featured time. And I would love to see them add a randomizer to the list. That way no one book is in the same spot the entire time they’re on the list. That way if someone just goes to the first two books, everyone has equal shot at being one of those first two books.


I would change the way The Watty’s are run. One should have to enter the contest via a form and not just by adding a tag. I think a lot of stories get missed because of the Wattpad algorithm.


I also like a month! I think monthly updates would allow authors a good exposure time while still keeping things fresh for the readers


Kind of like the new featuring system?


Yes :slight_smile: I know that doing a contest manually on their end would be a huge, huge undertaking, but it is the best way to ensure that all stories get a fair shot.


It gives people a chance of being seen while also keeping the list fresh. Both my experience being featured were so vastly different from each other so no two featured book will have the same results, but I do feel they should have the same time frame and the same chance at a good spot on the list. That way if Mega Popular Joe is on the list at the same time as Unknown Sally, people won’t accuse Wattpad of favoring Mega Popular Joe. They both will randomly move around the list and they’ll both be up for a month.


If I remember right they did used to have this back when it was still a user vote for the awards. You had to fill out something to enter and then it put you into the pot where it whittled down to the various tiers of each category. Part of me can see why they went to the tag system, but the other part of me does agree that the algorithm might sink a few people more than it means to.


That must have been before my time on Wattpad. :thinking: I would like to see a similar one again because it actually requires us to do more than just adding a tag and it ensures our work will actually be seen…even if only for a second.

Although, I wouldn’t want it to go back to a user voting system though. That often becomes stacked in a popular author’s favor. lol


I’ll never enter again if it goes back to a user vote. That really was a popularity contest. It was awful.


Their way of communicating changes. I understand they can’t be more transparent as they’re a company and they essentially decide what they want to share - but it’s their methods. A lot of misinformation is spread so fast and if they had better ways of communicating I feel like that would be a smaller problem.

Oh and I’d love it if they changed the tag ranking system. Right now it does zero difference for me personally. So purely based on selfish reasons, it would be nice to see some sort of change actually happening when a book was ranking well and when it wasn’t.

But like my dear old dad always says: solutions to problems just makes new problems.

I’ve participated in interviews like that for Ambassador run profiles - so they are happening. Just not a whole lot. But it was nice and fun!

My book was up for 21 days. So the tag based featured programme was a lot shorter than the old one with applications. I think it was fairly normal to be up for 2-3 weeks on the main list.

Upping it to a month would be perfect as the first week for me was rather slow. It wasn’t until the second things really started to take off. Also, it would be nice if they randomised the order every time you refresh the page - then there’s no book on the bottom - which isn’t as good as being on the top.


What great idea!!!

Hey, Wattpad, are you listening? Lol :joy: