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I’ve been here 5 years, and still feel very invisible.


You can give your feedback about improving the homepage here-


I’d make ‘undiscovered’ stories actually undiscovered. Most of them have thousands of reads, comments, and votes. I think the cut off for ‘undiscovered’ should be at the most 600. :confused:


There is an official Undiscovered Books profile on Wattpad. You can also check out this guide-


Never knew that existed, but it’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!


Agreed. People have thousands and are like “I’m undiscovered!” Im like, “but you have thousands! I’ve been here 5 years and I have 14 with only one hitting over 1k. I discovered means UNDISCOVERED, which is not thousands of reads.”


Really? I always think of undiscovered stories as being under 20K reads or something


I’ve always thought anything under 100k is undiscovered :joy:

Or more that you’re actually discovered after 100k. Above 50k is less undiscovered, and below 50k is undiscovered.


I agree with this. It’s hard to reach 20k without Wattpad’s help a la featuring or whatever.


I think it depends on what genre you’re in. 100k is all but impossible in my genre. Above 20k is considered to be very good.


Oh yeah, that’s a good point.

Now I’m curious though, which genre are you in?


Oh, I say genre, but I really mean subgenre. Fanfic is the genre, but there are some fandoms that are way more popular than others, and it’s very very rare to get people who don’t usually read fanfic to read in any fandom. As far as I’m aware, the most popular book of all time that exists in our fandom has 370k reads right now.


Aaah okay, yeah. I can understand why though. It’s hard to get people into a fanfic if they’re not in the fandom.


I would imagine the same thing is true for certain genres, though. I’d be willing to bet that some of them just have more readers who like them than others do.


Maybe? I don’t know. I think most of my readers are either in it for the queer rep and/or the fantasy.

Don’t think I’m attracting many teen fic or pure romance readers, so you’re probably right.


I think undiscovered is more of a term referring to people who’s books haven’t been featured or widely discovered, meaning they show up easily when searched for. I do think that books in the thousands of reads are probably not as qualified to be undiscovered, but books with say 0-1K that have never been featured, won a Watty, been majorly promoted ( by Wattpad), hot listed, etc. would fall into the category of undiscovered.


Undiscovered is one of those hard ones to define. Ask anyone and you’ll almost always get different answers as to what is and isn’t considered undiscovered.

I personally see anything under 50K as undiscovered and I ignore follow count since I know that can be deceiving.


Yeah exactly. Just see the answers above :sweat_smile:

But if we’re to go with Nick’s %'s post way back when, everyone who has more than 500 reads is in the top 10% - so wouldn’t that technically mean over 500 is discovered?

(Post for reference)


Yeah but 500 just seems so damn low. I mean the first 1K is the hardest to get, so if I had to go with a really low number as undiscovered then I’d say that. Anything above 1K reads is discovered.


Yeah exactly. But once you’ve hit 1k with one book it’s much easier to hit it again with another.

But hitting 50k is generally pretty hard.

Maybe I’m just trying to say, “No no, I’m not discovered :joy: