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I would like that, instead of a count of unique readers once a day, there was a real count of unique readers, which would take into account the readers that come back (so if someone read 5 chapters one day and 6 the day after, they would be counted only as one unique reader instead of two).


More transparency. Bring back the old rankings. Make the site easier to use. Make a special list for books under 1,000 reads, changing every week, based on a simple algorithm - for every genre. Make it so that people find the forums sooner. Let it be known to readers just how important feedback is to writers here

And the toxidity, the stereotypes on certain genres. Please, Werewolf and Vampire aren’t all terrible! There’s writers who are working their butt off to create awesome lore, build their own world, have a good plot, and have realistic characters too.


Yes. Yes please. I’m working really hard to run a Vampire community all by myself, and it’s so hard for people to find. You’ll only come across it if you’re on the forums. It’s been here since August now, and the numbers were rising, but now we’re actually moving backwards and it hurts, having worked so hard to create an awesome place for vamp lovers to hang out.


I just went to check out your community profile. Looks like you’re doing a great job so far! Have you considered doing author interviews? I bet if you interviewed some really famous authors of vampire books, a few of them might promote your account just by telling their followers to check out the interview with them.


Aww, thank you <3

The problem is… I know no famous vamp authors xP And I’m trying to avoid the smut / “I’m a vampire’s slave” / “I’m a vampire’s pet” / “I’m a vampires sex object” books. Do you know a few?

I am considering creating a graphics shop, but I’m not sure if or when that’s gonna happen. The contests are running monthly (now there’s eight extra for a special Christmas book – I really worry about that one, as it looks like there’s too little entries. The only reason there’s a cover is because I nicely asked a werewolf friend), and the winners get an interview. My co-owner is supposed to be working on a blog/magazine, but I’m not sure if she’s actually doing that, as she’s been mostly on the background. I might make a guide book, but that takes a lot of time and planning, and I have neither of those, sadly.

Please join the Christmas contests, they’re open to everyone <3 You’ll be immortalised in the official Twelve Days of Bloody Christmas book, too


No, I don’t read any vampire books. But it might be worth it for you to do some research and start trying to find authors whose vampire books fit the type you would want to promote. I can’t tell you how valuable it is for a community account to have a good understanding of the community that it wants to serve.


Mm, I know. The main issue is that I’m very uncomfortable reading romance of any kind, and even within my own book club, almost all stories are romance and mature. Most of the genre is romance, as it has practically taken over every genre, both on Wattpad and in published books.


So are you trying to promote vampire books without romance on your community account? Or are you saying you just don’t have enough help yet, since you’re not personally suited to everything? (Sorry, this is getting off topic, we should probably start a separate thread or something lol)


Tagged you


If I could change one thing about Wattpad, it would be its default to YA. Even if the majority of stories here are written by teenagers, it would be nice if there was a separate Wattpad for adults, with its own search results and standards.

I dislike opening yet another book recommendation only to see that, regardless of premise, it starts out with high school drama. Also, the restrictions on mature content make sense for underage users, but they’re overkill for anyone else. Wattpad has 43 million users; surely enough of them are 18+ to support a solid secondary platform.


Who says that all YA are high school dramas? Why can’t a YA be “Oh crap, I’m a mage and the world is out to get me” or “An evil corporation just released a plague on my planet to kill us all and use our home for resources”. I know a story for each, and many other YA’s that do not take place in a high school – or only like half a chapter


Perhaps that was mild hyperbole. But at the very least, YA tends to star teenagers who are preoccupied with teenage issues. Which is great if you’re a teenager, but kind of boring if you’re an adult. Wattpad may pride itself on diverse viewpoints, but that only goes for ethnicity and sexuality; age wise, there’s a clear bias. 40somethings can’t be heroes.


That’s why I started writing books with 40-Something heroes. GenX!


I’ll take any hero who has to work and pay bills, whether they’re 40 or 20 (hey, some people join the workforce straight out of high school). Bonus points if they have kids, extra bonus if they’re a mother (because childcare falls more on the woman). I want to see heroes playing in hard mode!


My leading ladies have to work–because they weren’t able to score a billionaire back when they were a 20 year old virgin (hahaha). They are usually divorced and socially awkward–and they’d never have the time or patience to fix a man-child behaving badly. Seriously, dude–grow up or get the hell out. At this age, we ain’t got time for that self-absorbed nonsense! Hahaha.

In one my stories (a novelette) I have a single father. Otherwise, I haven’t tackled the single parent hero/heroine yet. Maybe that’s something I’ll need to ponder for the future. :slight_smile:

Have you checked out the @adultfiction profile on Wattpad? It’s a start if you’re looking for something different than YA or NA. :slight_smile:


Yes, my novelette “The Out” is #adultfiction. The protagonists don’t start it as single parents, but the story is about their breakup.


I do not totally agree on wattpad promoting a set of books. I have been on wattpad for a very long time (5 or 6 years). Then, wattpad suggested reads where popular booka but recently, I decided to dig for hidden gems by myself and my suggested read has suddenly changed. I get books with below 500 reads as suggested reads. So wattpad do help new writers (a little), it depends on the readers (my theory) and reading some self help book on wattpad has also helped my work a little, pick a date to update your work and stick to it(there are forbidden days to update on wattpad), when some one check out your work, they may drop a vote for just one chapter but take the time to appreciate them and they will come back. Tags? Can help you, you may not be able to rank on your genre but you will rank up on your tags.


I update randomly–whenever a chapter is finished. BUT–considering my track record and luck–I’m most definitely “unknowingly” uploading my stories on whatever the forbidden days are. hahahaha


What are the forbidden days?? It sounds so ominous lol


I do use tags, and they rank but the system is messed up so the tag ranking says one thing but then I search it and it’s another thing.

My recommended is full of 20K-1M read books about steamy romance and stuff that I wouldn’t ever touch with a stick (no offense to those who like that stuff, just not my genre) and no matter what I search (which is usually sci-fi/lit fic) Nothing else ever shows up.