Just Some Questions About Wattpad



true and we are in the season of Christmas romance.
What genre do you write?


I’ve attempted writing several genres–but they all seem to slide into the humor pool eventually. It seems my creativity can’t maintain a sense of seriousness for extended periods of time. :rofl: So to answer your question–humor and romcom.


Science Fiction, Short Story, and Literary Fiction.


I just checked out your profile and girl you are doing well in my opinion.
You have a great number of followers and the votes on your works are in K. What are you stressing about?


I read anything with romance, now I will probably have to check out your stuff because you added romance


Literary fiction? What’s that?


Literary fiction is more of a deeper emotional almost speculative kind of fiction. It’s a genre of stories that focus on something bigger than the story itself, such as an emotion, a political issue, a human condition, etc. It’s a little more thought provoking in my experience, but few people know much about it.

(I really wish Wattpad would make it a genre)


I would change which stories it tends to promote. Of course, this would mean changing its audience and I wish I could somehow do that.


I think Wattpad is kind of trying to change its audience, or at least expand it to people interrelated in other genres. Personally I hope this happens more, because I’d love to see Wattpad become the go-to place for high quality Historical Fiction or whatever smaller genre lol


I think that it’s trying to change its audience, but I think the way they’re going about it is hurting them.

WP already has a pretty heavily set reputation for being the place for free, badly written fan fiction fully of romanticized toxic and abusive relationships and teenage girls. Of course, WE know that’s not all WP is about, but most can agree that that’s pretty much its reputation, and The Kissing Booth did a lot to cement that reputation.

I think it’s great that WP is trying to expand to another audience, but this sudden jump from completely free content to lockable chapters has pushed away a majority of users. Not saying they actually left, but most people are not happy. WP has to be effectively pulling in new users from their new target audience before they push away the old one, or else they’ll end up with no audience! I really wish they could try to target a new audience without screwing over the one they already have - which is kind of what it feels like for many users atm.

The Next has to have appeal for this new audience, meaning that it has to have the same quality content as Amazon with the same variety and lower price. Currently, the prices are much higher, there’s a lot of hate against the authors participating in the Beta, and there’s neither much originality or diversity in the books chosen. Of course, this is only a Beta, but it doesn’t entice this new audience to join just yet.

Unless the Beta takes a whole new miraculous turn and WP successfully rebrands itself quickly, I think it might end up losing some of its current users and gaining none.

I think that, for this all to work, they really have to change their strategy. Also, they need to get that progress data out! The fact that they said it was going great with all the negativity and no data and yet we’re able to put out data right away from the featured applications made their lack of data very suspicious and it felt almost like they were lying.

I think some data that supports their claims over the success of the program would help calm down the angry mob A LOT because they would be proven to be the minority and not the majority - which is what it looks like right now - and they would understand WHY WP is going forward with this all.

But yeah, the strategy definitely needs to change, in my opinion, and how they went about it in the first place was just kind of reckless to me. I think that, if they had gone about it differently, they wouldn’t be facing so much backlash and little success :woman_shrugging:


I agree with ALL of that. Personally I’m okay with Next, since the locked books I have no interest in reading, and if a book is locked, well, there goes my interest; I’ll just switch to one of the millions of free books on here (and hopefully be able to tip them if I want to).

I think a better plan would be for WP to establish itself to others outside WP as a place to find high-quality online stories, because everyone I’ve talked to outside of WP or even on it thinks WP is pretty much the equivalent of one of those Romance Choices games when it comes to literary quality. I think that if Wattpad was more respected, people would be open to the idea of buying books from it.


Exactly! Just like you, I currently have no interest in the locked books and, if a book I like gets locked, I’ll just be disinterested and I won’t read it! But I also understand why they took this step and I agree that it was kind of needed in the current market, but I think they went about it in all the wrong ways.

Like you said as welll, WP is not respected as a place with quality stories or much diversity in its genres, so it would be hard to get reader OR writers interested in participating if they have that reputation, the prices are high, they’ll get backlash no matter how good the book is, and they have a better chance of getting money self-publishing than on WP.

So far, there’s really no upside to buying or publishing the locked chapters on WP when something like Amazon exists. Amazon has professionally edited books in all genres with unique plots with much lower prices, and no one is getting backlash for solely publishing the book because when people go there, they go there with the intention of spending money!

WP kind of forgot that one of the biggest reasons that most people came here is because it was free, and they already have that bad reputation, so it feels like they’d pushing away their current user base while not really doing anything to rebrand or make the option of WP appealing to this new user base they seem to want. If they’re not careful, they’ll end up with a much smaller user base and earning less money instead of expanding it like they wanted.

But I’m glad you agreed with me! :blush:


I mean, I doubt they’ll push away the entire userbase, but I do feel they’ll lose the people upset that Wattpad is no longer totally free (even tho we’ve got allllll these other stories that are free (like mine (pls read my story, angry people (lol jk)))) and people who want to make real money from writing. I think everyone else will just do what we said we’d do and switch to free books.


Totally barging in.

I think Wattpad will be fine. Other sites have done this and they only grew larger after doing it. They got even more creators to sign up and to stay loyal to the site, instead of moving their content to a site that offered monetary programmes.

They recently tweeted they had 70 million unique readers. I doubt all 70 million is leaving because a few stories will be locked behind a paywall.


I hope they don’t, because I really do love this site :sparkling_heart:


I don’t think they’ll lose their entire user base at all! It’s way too big for that! But I do think that, if they don’t change, they’re end up losing some users, upsetting and making grumpy users out of a lot of those that stay, and not attracting this new user base they wanted. Instead of rebranding to be more respected, they might keep their old brand and get a new reputation that says they don’t listen to their users!

I just think they need to change their approach and get some data out QUICK or else things will get uglier than they already are :woman_shrugging::joy:


I’m really not seeing it happen. I’ve been on other sites where they monetised things and people got mad, there was a backlash, some people left… And it made no difference on the overall site. There’s still free content to enjoy, awesome creators and viewers…

And the funny thing is, they didn’t take user feedback. They just implemented the programme and didn’t give two shits about how the users felt about it.


I think the site WAS the best free site available. I still think it’s the best site, despite these changes. BUT, if they stop listening to their users and expand this paid content initiative to include basically every decent book on here, it’s going to end up losing the quality that made people flock to it in the first place!

I don’t think that many people will actually LEAVE, but I do think they might want to worry about all of the pissed off users that stay they’re leaving in their wake.

Also, they need to make a reason for people outside of the current community - from this new user base they seem to want to attract - to want to publish and read books - the paid ones - on Wattpad versus other places. Currently, I can’t see anything in Wattpad’s paid program that would attract readers OR writers to participate versus somewhere like Amazon, honestly.


Well, “Come to the site where “The Kissing Booth” was born.”

"The birthing place of “Light as a Feather!”

are pretty good hooks. “Be a part of discovering the next hit TV series/film/book.”


I am happy that Wattpad seems to be listening to us… kind of