Just some things I think would be cool

  1. I’d like to be able to see how many individual people have read my book - if it says ‘64 reads’ then that means very little because I have to then open up the book and look at the reads chapter by chapter to see that actually there are only about 15 people reading my book, not 64.
  2. On the homepage could there be a ‘hidden gems’ section which only has books with less than 1k reads?
  3. I think it would also be cool if you got a notification when your book was added to somebody’s library. It doesn’t have to say whose, it’d just be nice.
  1. You can see unique readers in the book’s stats.
  2. I think there is a section like that. They at least do undiscovered gems. I’m not sure what qualifies, though.
  3. Yeah, I’d like that too.

I don’t think this will be become a thing, some people value the privacy of the library option

But everything else on the list seems good! I hope they do implement it

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que haya una sección para histiria menos 1k

I think it would be great if the books and profiles had more safety features like only certain people can comment on the books and profiles. Like for example, those who you follow can only comment. It’d be a safe way to keep from hate spam and such off the books and profiles so people don’t have to worry about constantly deleting hate spam off their stuff.

yo quisiera que los foros de wattpad este en la aplicacion de wattpad al español latino

Translation : I want the wattpad forums to be in the wattpad application to Latin Spanish

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Yes to all of this :point_up_2:

It is true

Yeah, also its kind of annoying seeing that you are included in your reads. If you haven’t notice that every time you edit or click on your story your included in that.

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