Kait's Editing Shop [CLOSED]



Disclosure: I am not a professional editor, but I do have a higher education (a 2-year business degree). I enjoy editing in my free time and consider myself adequately self-educated in grammar.

I edit using Google Docs. I strive to return documents ASAP! I explain each edit.

What I edit:
#1 Grammar - Punctuation, run-ons & fragments, subject-verb agreement, tense, pronouns, modifiers, diction.
#2 Dialogue - Does it sound natural? Is it punctuated properly?
#3 Passive voice - Are you using active voice when possible?
#4 Show, don’t tell - Are you showing your story or telling it?
#5 Plot holes & general feedback - Does your story make sense? Are your characters believable?

Payment is giving me credit in your book’s description or in an author’s note.

If you think you might be interested, check out my advertisement book Kait’s Editing Shop on my profile @surendxr for references & more info! Or send me private message. :grinning:


Would you be so kind as to edit my book Legend&Ash?


I went to your profile but your book’s not up there.


I’m so sorry, but I have received more inquiries than I thought I would this soon, and I am already booked for a while.


Hmm… I’m not sure what’s going on then. It’s definitely there.


Hello, I’m looking for a long term editor. I need help with grammar because I suck at it. I have got a book and its romance suspense. Would you please help me in editing?


Hi, Richa_resa I’m sorry it took me a few days to reply; I was on vacation. Unfortunately, my editing shop is closed for a while until I can catch up. I’m not sure when I will re-open as I am currently editing a few ongoing books that require my full dedication until they are completed, and they are all in different stages of writing. Sorry!


I desperately need a grammar edit for my translated story (not an author, just translator). There might be a lot of work to be done but I would be really thankful for that <3


Hi, are you available to edit my summary? im rather stuck on it and have attempted many times to make it sound better
thank you :smile:


Hi, @vashchuchka_y

Sorry for the late reply, but I can’t take on any more editing projects as of yet. Sorry! Good luck!


Hi, @janeydsmith

Sorry for the late reply, but I can’t take on any more editing projects as of yet. Sorry! Good luck!