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It is about time that I dust off the old photoshop and get back into the graphics game. Therefore I need to renew my portfolio. Here is my graphics shop, folks!

What is The Free Stuff?
In post post three you’ll find some stuff that I made that you’re all free to use however you like without crediting me. It’s mostly templates to do your own graphics – a cover with the golden ratios drawn onto them and the dimensions of the profile banner. Grab them as needed.
Except for the seals of approval, which you can request that I make for you :green_salad:

And the non-free stuff?
You can commission whatever it is you need to get done here, though I’ll probably mostly be doing covers.

All I ask in return is;

  • to be credited – in the blurb of your book, through a dedication inside it, or through a shoutout. One of those three.

  • Don’t remove my signature.

  • These are mainly for non-commercial use. (If you’re getting paid, this isn’t the place – the fonts and images I use aren’t protected under a commercial license)

  • Communicate with me if there is something you dislike or want to be changed (feedback is nice!!)

  • Patience. Depending on the waiting list, the design you’ve commissioned, and the workload out in real life, it can take anything between a few days and a few weeks. I’ll try to give you an estimated date of when it’ll be done.

My process usually starts with a mock-up off possible designs, then through photoshop, then through illustrator (or InDesign.) If you want, you can receive updates on the process if you pm me :green_salad:

Use the following form to apply for a graphic (cursive means optional but appreciated)

Author Name:
Brief Description of Book:
General Mood of Book:
Aesthetic and Mood Boards:
Color Scheme:
Images You’d Like to Use:
Will Credit By:
Additional Information I Should Know:

Note: I may not necessarily use the fonts, colors, or images provided.

Examples of Covers


Examples of Iconography


æ and ø are æstetik, Kaleth and Grecious
I'm back from the dead, Kaleth and Grecious!

Status: temporarily closed for catch up

Waiting List

Title What’s next? Estimated Deadline User
A New Beginning (Cover) Version 2.0 June 12th Gabrilynx
Arya (Cover) Version 1.0 June 4 Azanthiel
Coming Clean (Cover) Version 1.0 June 8 imtotallynotokay


Title Status Date User
Withered Rose (Cover) Done May 23rd Arkotract


Golden Ratio Scale


Wattpad Profile Banner

Badgehunt Thingie


Seals of Approval (REQUEST YOUR OWN)



How specific can I make my request?

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As specific as you’d like. I’ll do my best to live up to it.

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I have no doubt. Do you mind if I fill out the forms in PM’S?

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Not at all! Send away.

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I’ll do a few sketches and moodboards sometime during the week. Do you want an update on those?

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If you don’t mind. XD

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Not at all. I’ll have some done by sunday.

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No problem, and thank you so much!

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Hello Kales :slight_smile: I’d like to make a cover request, if you don’t mind.

Title: Withered Rose


Author Name: Chad Smith

Genre: Low Fantasy/Adventure

Brief Description: It’s been two months since nuclear war decimated the world. In all that time, Rose, a human turned psychotic cyborg, hasn’t forgiven herself for allowing the deaths of so many people, including the love of her life, Artemis. Her grief drove her insane, and Rose began to kill, to show her enemies some measure of the pain she feels every day…

After returning from a field mission to a dead friend and two others missing, Rose loses her temper; it’s time she took the fight to the men who stole her life, Kayden and Damascus, Artemis’ old friends… Nothing will stand in her way, nothing will even dare it.

Its time this demon had her revenge.

General Mood: Gloomy yet terrifying and enraged is what i’m hoping to go for here, Rose is a complete maniac and the story reflects that.

Aesthetics/Moodboards: N/A

Colour Scheme: Generally darker colours accentuated by intermittent yet graphic crimson, like bloodstains. Having a gloomy, apocalyptic, desolate background and applying that colour scheme with darkness and bloody red describes the story nicely. Although spots of light here and there where its appropriate would be appreciated.

Fonts: Pretty much anything that looks hastily drawn.I forget the name

Preferred Images: I have Rose’s design origin.

MC Design Origin
Something very similar to this is what Rose was based off. In fact, my pfp is part of some art for her i had commissioned

Due to this being a simpler cover, i don’t have much else for you, sorry.

Method of Payment: I will credit you via a dedication in the first chapter of this story when it goes live. Before then, i will give you a shoutout, as creating this will take a very long time and i have about 7 other projects to get done.

Additional Information: This cover would be a more simplistic design, focussing on Rose in an enraged, bloody state, but having her stare at the sky, a space station visible in the night, works for the story’s plot.

P.S: I trust you’ll do this well. :slight_smile:


Hello Arko! By simplistic design, I suppose you mean minimalism? It’d be appreciated if you could point to an example down below under the cut so that I know what to replicate (in terms of how simplistic the design is) and whether you’d want something more illustrative or image manipulation






And would you want sketches and mood boards as well?

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I’m talking simple, not quite minimalistic, its the step above that one. I’ve seen those two become different categories. Although Rose’s part on the cover would require some image manipulation. Sorry, that’s a convoluted definition, isn’t it?

The first example actually reflects the aesthetic i was going for nicely, with some changes i could very much see that being the design choice for this cover.

As for the sketches and moodboards, i wouldn’t mind them if you’re willing to make it.

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I’ll ping you when I’m done sketching and boarding. Expect them somewhere between May 5th and May 8th.

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I’ll look forward to it. Thanks Kales. Although, this story will take a long time to get live. That doesn’t bother you when it comes to credit, does it?

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If you do the shout out it’s cool with me.

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I’ll do the shout out once the cover is received, deal? :slight_smile:

In the meantime, i’ll update the description of the story and give you a dedication once it does go live. It will take a VERY long time, upwards of a year with other projects taken into consideration, so i’ll perform all three payments.

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Of course :ok_hand:

Take the time you need to write, there’s no rush. But thanks! :green_salad:

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