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Title: Embers
Author: miintchocochip
Genre: Romance
Description: “You are a beautiful girl. Fit to be my queen. Mia Regina.”

I almost spat in his face. I could feel the disgust in my expression, but he didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he just continued talking.

“But first, you will have to prove yourself. Prove that you will be strong and worthy.” He turned away from me and I immediately looked back at Leo, helplessly. His piercing gaze didn’t give me any comfort.

“I don’t want this. Find someone else to be your queen. Why me?”


When Aria is kidnapped by a dangerous gang in Chicago, her life completely changes. She learns that she lives in a ruthless world, and has to be ruthless to able to cope with it. As she struggles to outsmart the gang leader and the other members, she must be stronger and better than all of them to be able to survive.


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Please complete payment which is a comment spam on chapter 1 of ‘Four Minutes.’ Here is the link to the chapter: https://my.w.tt/wVmA1AV1tS

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I have also added a bonus chapter to Dear Bully. So, make sure that you read that chapter as well.


Title: Sidewalk Flowers
Genre: Romance/Teen fiction
Author: Sophiea34
Summary: Arkenham. On the surface, his life is perfect. Rich, good-looking, and popular, if a bit reserved. But underneath his life is a mess. Divorced parents, recent breakup, and a boatload of other assorted issues.

Isabelle. Foster kid with a nasty history. On the surface she’s fine. Brand new life in a brand new town. Beautiful, athletic, and sarcastic. But underneath, her life is a mess. She’s terrified of moving on again, but she knows her new life is too good to be true. So she lives waiting for the day when she has to pack up again.

She is exactly what he needs, and he is exactly what she needs. But they could easily tear each other apart in the process of trying to come together.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167519990-sidewalk-flowers

There’s a one sentence refrence to a side character being a lesbian, if that counts as LGBT+ content.
Everybody’s parents are really crappy, except for Arkenham’s mom, and a lot of dark stuff will eventually occur, but I haven’t gone too far into it yet. Language is mostly PG-13, except for chapter 6.


Title: The Collided World
Author: C.L. Smith
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Description: They called it the Great Collide, although it was not so much a collision of worlds, but a fusion of them. Earth, and The unknown planet came together from two separate dimensions of reality. The collective scientific minds of the old world would have called this an alternate reality, or perhaps a parallel universe, but to what became of mankind, these old world concepts were as useless as paper currency, and reality television. Now, the world was new again, undiscovered, and feral, and the remnants of both civilizations, Human, and those from the other place were left to fend for themselves against the wilderness of this new collided world.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/152958020-the-collided-world


Also the book is not mature rated.