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payment complete :blush:


Short Story Horror Thriller
First chapter
I think I’d like you do look for pacing, characterization, and tension.


accepted! :sunny:


Okay, I commented on your story. Let me know if you want more feedback. Good Luck with Zenith and Nadir!


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title: the girl from swan lake
genre: teen fiction
chapters to critique: 3
anything specific to look out for: pacing, characterization

thank you:)


hi! I believe I’ve already critiqued your story on my previous thread that I shut down, but if you still want me to read it again, then I will be more than happy to :slight_smile:


Title: The Collided World
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/YA
There’s 5 completed chapters. Any will be fine.
Specifics: I’m looking for issues with pacing, and world building. Do you get what’s going on, do you feel like your lost at all.


accepted! :smile:








OMG!!! okay.uhm im.notyet making lots of chapters…and I have drafts of my story that I’m notyet publishing, but can u offer a critique bout this? I would appreciate it so much


Title: Darkening Seduction
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal
Chapters to Critique: Blairsville // Road of Deceit // A Stranger Comes at Midnight
Anything specific you want me to look out for: (grammar, characterization, pacing, etc.): I want to make sure my paragraphs flow nicely! If any sentences sound awkward or have bad phrasing I want you to point it out, or if any moments are “cliched” or stupid sounding also let me know!

Extra: You’ve looked over chapters for me before, but that was the first two. These are new chapters I just published!


Title: Mae be it’s you https://www.wattpad.com/635595144-mae-be-it’s-you-introduction
Genre: Young adult romance
Chapters to Critique: any
Anything specific you want me to look out for: (grammar, characterization, pacing, etc.) Just mostly on the story itself, I know there are a lot of grammar mistakes and once I finish I will go back and edit!


The Hidden Avalon
As many or as few chapters as you like!
Character development, pacing, is the story interesting/boring, stuff like that

I will add one of your stories to my reading list!

Thanks so much!



sure! if there’s like a google doc or any way for you to send me a couple of chapters, I’d be glad to take a look at them :blush: just fill out the form and include the link in it or send the link via PM!





will get to it as soon as I can!



can’t wait to get to it!