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Premade Covers!!
(Will be uploading more)
(If you are interested in one of the premades state title of P.M title then complete form below!)
-Title of premade:
-Title of your book:
-Author name:
-Any changes:
Fallen%20KNIGHT trapped%20in%20time

Examples of other work:
the%20bridesmaid Untitled04 v4rbkbT

For your own Custom cover fill this application(Upon be accepted you will have a choice between two covers that will be created, If you decide not to use please say so, they will be used as premades)






Color theme:



Payment: Permanent follow!(and dedication if you wish to do so XD)

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Can you help me with a cover? Btw, line means no.

Title: A war on two fronts

Subtitle: - (instead of subtitle can you put the quote written how is in the video at 1.14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZbgTNGekZ0

Author: -

Genre: supernatural & sci-fi

Font: something simple to exit in evidence the letters

Color theme: something darker (letters from the title to be brighter and whiter to create contrast)

Images: an image by your choice to show a conflict on two fronts (space with earth and external conflit with internal conflict)

Ideas: I hope my old cover can help

Payment: dedication + follow

Accepted: (Sorry for the late replay!!)

I noticed you left the author name blank, are you not wanting it displayed in the cover??

) Untitled WAR%20ON%20TWO%20FRONTS%202%20NO%20NAME


If you will like your name on one of the other covers let me know or if u want anything changed. Also lets me know which one you decide to use or if you do not pick any. Thankyou for your request

The cover that I want is this, but write somewhere in the sand cover made by _Ratchet and put after the name, the profile circle ScreenShot_20190424082709
Btw, some of my other works need a cover too and maybe you might help me :slight_smile:

send me pls a private message with profile because I don’t find your profile with search


ty :slight_smile:

Ur welcome, lmk if there’s anymore u want me to do!

Yes, if you agree
All the format remains the same, except these elements:
Title: Rise of Chaos to be written in the way how Oban is written https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ9YTr8gBPI 0:16
Quote: Never say never to be written in the way how Star Racers is written 0:16
Image: something that includes galaxy, planets, and stars

Ohkay great,

I will have a full load this week and taking a mini vacation. But it will be completed sometime next week XD

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