KDP Expanded Distribution


Hi II! You’re insight is always so valuable, so thank you ahead of time.

I am seriously considering self publishing. I’m looking through publishing through KDP, and I came across the Expanded info so that it can get my book into more retailers through them.

A few questions, I may have missed answers to.

  • Can you apply for Expanded Distribution prior to a books release, so that the release date is the same across the board? Or is it release on Amazon first then apply for Expanded?
  • Can you still enroll in Kindle Unlimited with Expanded as long as your digital sales stay with Amazon?


Hi there, kinda jumping in to see where this thread goes. Adding my understanding of how Expanded works. I have my single KDP story available through expanded distribution, but isn’t KDP select. Only have a few weeks of experience.

  1. I don’t think there is a way to match the release dates based on the following from this FAQ:

If you enable Expanded Distribution, it can take up to six to eight weeks for your book to become available in Expanded Distribution channels. Additionally, if you change your book’s details, content, or pricing, it can take up to six to eight weeks for the information to update in all the Expanded Distribution channels. Your book will still be available, but it will have the previous information until the information is updated in the channels.
Why is there a delay?
The Expanded Distribution channels don’t reflect changes in real time. This is because distributors and their clients update their information at different times. That means you might see differences in your book’s details, content, pricing on other websites.

  1. Can’t comment for sure, but I think you can do both. I want to say that this is an advantage of this system. It allows writers to distribute better while still staying inside the Kindle market.

and I have a follow up question maybe someone can answer…

  1. Anyone have success with getting retail to pick up their book through Expanded? My fav bookstore only takes print on demand through Ingram :frowning: but then it’s one more thing to set up and manage


Amazon won’t do preorders on print copies - which I found out the hard way when I set a print version up and they released it immediately :frowning: Only Ingrams gives you the ability to set a pre-order date and still order and review a proof copy to ensure everything looks good before it goes live. With Amazon print, the book is live long before you see a proof copy.

Amazon expanded distribution is terrible and their royalties are low. A single copy that would earn me less than 30 cents on Amazon will earn $3-4 via Ingrams. But if you want bookstore distribution, self publishing isn’t the way to go, you need a trad deal to push store placement. My paperback sales are through online retailers, like Book Depository.