Kdrama and anime recommendations.


Does anyone have any Korean drama or anime recommendations? Or any BL suggestions?
I like most genres but it would be nice to have a bit of romance in it and maybe some fantasy.

Thanks :grinning:

honestly, kdamas arent so good these day :frowning: . If you want romance i can suggest the classic olds boys over flowers,
BUT if you are in for thrill and mystery/crime
these two are my top fave.

also i would really suggest you to go for webtoons, they have amazing stuff there full of fantasy and romance, if you like i can recommend you some?

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Thank you.

And that would be good if you wouldn’t mind.

For fantasy and romance : Freaking romance, sub-zero ( pretty popular) Empyrea.( amazing art)
For mystery and romance : purple Hyacinth ( You’ll love this one, the music ,art and story everything is beautiful)
For cute slice of life romance : The kiss bet
For royal romance : Your throne.
For mafia kind of romance : Midnight poppy land

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Thank you.

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Are you human too?

While you were sleeping.



Bungou Stray Dogs

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  • Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba: it’s shounen, but I think it has the power to get you hooked :wink:

  • The Promised Neverland/Yakusoku no Neverland: horror, fantasy. Lots of mystery, demons, and genius kids.

  • My Hero Academia: fantasy, superhero fiction. Fun, funny, chill, intense at times :>

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wEbToOn UwU (I was gonna suggest some webtoons too UwU)

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ikr, they are so much better than most dramas and animes these days.

I Summon You Gold - 50 episodes
Mr. Baek - 20(?) episodes

Tsuritama - 12 episodes
Haiyukku - idk, I’m still on ep 5 qwq


  • Idiots Don’t Catch Colds - Comic: Romance || Some slightly mature scene’s (Making Out) || Updated twice a month
  • The Doctors Are Out - Comic: Romance || Cutest side ship ever!!! || Monday updates
  • Heirs Game - Comic: Romance, Action || Fluff || On pause
  • Life Outside the CIrcle - Comic: Romance, Slice of Life || My fav comic ever!!! || Complete

Yessir UwU

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I can’t give you any Korean drama recommendations, since I have not watched any, but anime I can. Some I don’t know the Japanese for ( or maybe the English ), so I apologise in advance.

Say I love you
Snow White with the Red hair
Ao Haru Ride
Your Lie in April
Granblue Fantasy
Fairy Tail
Dance with the Devils
Demon Slayer


I hope it was somewhat helpful :sweat_smile:

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hwarang is a great kdrama. busted isn’t any of these but its korean celebs doing investigations and is really cool so you might like that.

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I read most of the mangas

Best Anime ever

I wanted to watch this, but I forgot the name qwq Where can I watch it for free?

I watched it on YouTube. The episodes aren’t on small screens and the quality is pretty good.

Ikr Fairy Tail is my favourite anime of all time!



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I hope you enjoy watching Given!