Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


I love reading them tho, but writing is a challenge :thinking:


Indeed, that is the best animal detective that ever lived :grin:

She knows her stuff :sunglasses:


Right? She might even have a better sense of humor. :smirk:


True, that show was gold :sunglasses:
Wattpad might actually be able to spin a good joke or two now :clap: albeit, wattpad’s been spinning jokes for a while now


I was half expecting Wattpad to pull an April Fool’s joke on us.


Missed opportunity to be honest. Imagine logging on and the site’s named sockpad- the perfect place to rest your stinky feet and all the books are smells socks
Maybe next year


They better have one next year. :triumph: I was so excited too. They could have changed everyone’s profile picture to a troll face or something.


What else do you like to read?


@Kkundell hey Keely! It’s very nice to meet you, and welcome to the Wattpad headquarters! I’m SVTS, but you can call me Shree :slight_smile:


@nick - I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that I was granted the title of the “GOAT WHISPER” in my hometown… just saying… :goat:


You understood them pretty well eh? :sunglasses:


@Kkundell A new Overlord! We seem to be having a lot of your kind around lately xD

I’m Ky, nice to meet you (^ _^ )

Will we be getting a Cult of the Platypus/Path of the Platypus soon? :smiley:




That pun is horrible XD


You now my favorite Wattpad HQ member.

Sorry Nick and Paul.


At least she’s not cryptic like Nick and Paul. :laughing:


Give it some time and she will :joy:


You think she’s in on/going to be in on the game?


Oh dear lord please let that not happen.