Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


Hello :wave:




Welcome :wave::vulcan_salute:


Hi there! It’s always nice when HQ people talk to us in the forums. I hope you’re having a good first week.




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Hello and welcome Keely! :cherry_blossom:


Hi - welcome! :smile:

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Hey @Kkundell

Will you be the “Lady of Marshmallows of Wattpad HQ”?


Ug Cheese in the Trap is a contentious topic for me haha - I foolishly watched the kdrama first, and was enraged by the ending. I read the first 3 seasons of the webtoon, but not beyond that.


Who’s your favorite Korean actor? What’s your guilty pleasure kdrama?


Are we supposed to bring the cults …? After all Paul did get his within joining :joy:

Hello! Nice to meet you, welcome.

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Are you aware of the ongoing festivities around the forums lately?


I have been a lurker since 2016, and I am currently reading I’m a Gay Wizard!

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Hm tough question, but I would say Park Bo-young is my favorite actress, as she kills it in every role. Coffee Prince is my favorite drama, but no guilt here!


Since Nick takes goats :goat: and Paul takes llamas :llama:, should we offer you dragons? :dragon:

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Whenever she cries, I cry with her. She’s such a natural actress! That’s pretty cool.

What’s your favorite animal?


Did you watch D-day or Strong woman do bong soon?
My favorite K-Dramas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Easy a platypus - I feel like they embrace “an odd duck” expression. They are adorable yet deadly. What’s not to love.


What do you look for most when reading a story on Wattpad? What i mean is what makes a story stand out most to you and do you have any advice for aspiring authors who use Wattpad?