Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


Yes. I even played you a song… sends it to you soon, teheee :grin:

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Nah, they’ll ruin our fun.

On second thought, I call upon the Llama Lord @paul


Lol how shall I hear it? I had to writes parts of a song this weekend… That was maddening :joy:

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@paul :llama:

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Mm maybe pacing in general - it’s hard for writers to do right when they might not have the whole story plotted out, but it impacts everything. For example, too many cliff hangers, too much info dumping, or even dialogue. Because of the way people write on this platform, that seems to be what is impacted most. That said, pacing is hard for any writer.


@Kkundell are you a writer too?


At first, I wanted a subtitle under my name, but now that almost everyone has one, I don’t want it anymore :joy:


Why was I summoned here?


To be sacrificed apparently :thinking:


I would like to request a platypus emoji, if that’s possible. If it’s not, it’s okay as well.

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Oof here. Pacing was one thing I rushed in my first story. Thankfully readers told me my pacing was much better in the second project I’m working on. It’s always nice to see readers comparing things for both books so you can improve on them in other projects.


They were trying to determine who we were going to summon.

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I’m on it… sending you the link on your page rn…:grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I want to read your song…

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We would like to have a Lady of the Platypus, however thought we have a :goat: a :llama: and a :peanuts: we do not have a platypus

cult? Society? We have a goat cult and a llama society XD


How about fellowship?

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We also need a horse one for @ModernWaterRider or a dragon one.

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I agree, I always wonder if I started in the right place.
But generally, I was told to end every chapter in cliffhangers for online story telling on Wattpad to hook readers :joy: :thinking:

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By the way, is that you in your pfp, Keely? :grin:


Who’s moderwaterrider


Okay, how should I get it to you? :thinking:

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