Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


Strong woman Do Bong Soon and descendants of the sun :smiley: although, I haven’t watch that many kdramas, I’m trying to catch up :hugs:


Oh I love both of those! A+ dramas.


throws confetti into the air

WELCOME, STARCHILD! Nice to have more animal lords here at our corner of the internet. Nice to meet you!

Let’s ask you the first question: what’s the best perk of working @ Wattpad?


I have never heard of that, sounds interesting! I’m more of a classics kind of person - Clue and Scrabble are my favorites. And then trivia games like Smart Ass.

I see you’ve already managed to get yourself a cult. Let me know when you start recruiting followers! :joy:


I would love to join the cult of the platypuss…but I already pledged my life to our Llama lord and savior @Paul


someone like you will live many lives


Hopefully our fearless leaders can form an alliance, otherwise…


It’s not looking good for you and Paul :joy:


:llama::llama::llama: All hail Llama lord!


Hey, I’m all up for an alliance…as long as it is with Non-horned animals.



What is next??? o-o


:pray::alien: soon


That’s gonna be interesting :joy::thinking:


Supreme Cat lady I reckon


I vote for supreme unicorn lady


I like it already. :joy:

I have never pledged allegiance to a human lord, only a machine. This will be quite a change.


You know too much…


Forgot to tag you, sorry!


Curiosity killed the cat, right?


Hm the money? jk jk - Honestly I am super excited to dig into all the amazing data.


I just went to my browser to search something, and I swear this was already up in a browser tab… for absolutely no reason… I didn’t search this…?


He’s listening…