Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


puts on tinfoil hat

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I have been told money is a pretty good perk.

I must warn ya, I’m a Constant Questions Cathy! Let’s ask the next one:

Which are your favorite books on the site? And what are you reading right now?




Even worse…

He wants to sell us shoes.

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I just got this adorable visual of goats with shoes on and now his Cult seems much less threatening :goat: :high_heel:


@Kkundell You seem to have had an incredible professional journey up to this point! ( Don’t hate me, but I’m def a little jealous of your work in publishing). Thanks for introducing yourself! I’m new to Wattpad, and am so excited to be part of this community!


Hello Keely!!

i am Tana! Welcome to our community! It is lovely meeting you :blush:


Shouldn’t you be the “Platypus Lady of Wattpad HQ”


A woman can be a Lord if she wants to

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nachos or pizza

  • serious question

Ok. Always thought woman are Lady and man are Lords


Nachos ON pizza

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a woman can be king too : ]




Muh mind man




Hey, Keely! Welcome to the wonderful world of Wattpad (or well, the other side of Wattpad, lol).

How are you liking your time at HQ so far?

I’ve always been super interested in publishing, both behind and in front. I interned an Editorial Intern for a romance publisher for awhile, and now I do freelance editing while I’m not drafting, revising, or querying my own work.

Your reading sounds a bit similar to mine! Have you read anything off Wattpad that’s jumped out at you recently?

#158 ya welcome



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Well, I am lactose intolerant, but pizza is my one true love, and for her I suffer.

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