Keely from Wattpad HQ saying hello!


Thanks so much! So far it’s been great! It’s certainly very different from my time at Harlequin.

I just started reading this sci-fi story Faultless by Castor May the story and writing has really grabbed me already!


They’re easily be led… uh, hopefully not to the slaughter house :hushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s kind of scary when you put in context with what’s happening on this site haha :joy: :thinking:


Lol :joy:


Also this is part of the song I was telling you about _20190415_153320


Um… 1984!? :joy:


Ah, I learned about that this year :thinking:


Oooooohhh… Loving the song - it has an inspirational message. :clap:


Yeah, I like the victory is a whisper part :joy:
I only made two stanzas tho, song writing is hard :cold_sweat:


Me tooooo… A whisper carries far… like a rumor. It all starts with a whisper…lol :joy:

And songwriting is hard. It ruins poetry writing for me :hushed:


Yeah some people have a natural rhythm, but every now and again I feel the need to experiment with it for some reason :joy:

Sonnets are challenging too, are you good at those?


Hello! Welcome to the community! Is there going to be a platypus cult?


Hello, and welcome! It’s nice to meet you. (:

That’s a pretty diverse and experienced background! What brought you to Wattpad?


They are challenging for sure. I like them but I’m just so and so at writing them :grimacing:


I’ll check it out! I’m not a sci-fi or romance writter :frowning: I’m more of a dark, comedic type of writer.


I’d imagine it would be quite different! It’s interesting to see the different facets of publishing and how Wattpad is sort of it’s own futuristic facet itself (at least from what I’ve seen!).

Oh, I’ll add that to my TBR!




I must give the people what they demand


Lol, yes, Perry is the best :sunglasses:


YES! You might be better than the Goat Lord. :joy: