A young girl called Alice got lost in the woods one day. As she began to call out for help, she heard some rustling in a nearby bush and out came…

… an elderly man with a brown paper bag. Alice watched as he stepped from the shrubbery and straightened himself. He held the bag at arm’s length and Alice knew at once this wasn’t something he wanted to keep, but be rid of.


…The sack was wriggling, which was rather unexpected. Despite wrinkling her nose as to what it might contain, she found herself reaching out for it. He held it back, hesitating, as if wondering if she were worthy…


…enough to even have a glimpse. The content might be too dangerous for the little girl, and the man didn’t want to stain whatever was left of his life due to her curiosity. “Back off!” he…


…whispered, drawing the bag back towards his chest, holding it like it was a precious gem. Alice stepped forward and held out her hand and said…


… “I’ve seen you before. At the funeral.”


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“The funeral…”, the elderly man repeated forlornly. Which one? He frequented many. Of course it didn’t matter for her to specify, really. He did the same at each, blending into the furniture. “I hadn’t thought anyone had taken notice of my presence. I don’t like funerals much, you know…”


(stagewhispered: Jessica: that was fantastic!)

He held the bag tightly and he looked at Alice. She lowered one arm. Pointed at the old man. Said:

“My aunt mentioned you. She told me, before she died. About the pictures you take.”


“She said you take pictures of creatures no one else can see.”
she look behind her and leant forward and whispered, “she also said that the creatures that you take pictures of come to life afterwards and then everyone else can see them. Are they in that bag?”

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He said, “no that is just my lunch,” and she looked at him skeptically.
“I don’t believe you,” she said excitedly…

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“Are you implying that I’m lying to you?,” he cocked a bushy brow over the edge of his thick rimmed glasses. The nerve of children these days…

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Alice reached for the bad and the elderly man let her take it this time. when she looked inside, she was amazed and scared at the same time and when she looked at the elderly man again she said “IT IS YOUR LUNCH!!” the elderly man just chuckled and smiled i told you i wasn’t lying Alice then asked “why does it smell like rotten skin” the man looked at er and said

“Well, my dear, that’s for me to know, and you to find out!”

Alice scrunched her nose and asked if she could taste what he had when he pulled out…

“I’m really not fond of sharing, goodness knows what disease you might be carrying.” He’d never let on but he was more comfortable around any species but humans…breeders of disease and infections.

well mmh how do you kno
w im human man

I don’t understand that.

“It’s obvious to tell a human apart from the rest of creation… they smell funny.”

“what if im half human”

The thought of it made the old man recoil. “Impossible!”