Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


What seven psychopaths? I’m intrigued



It does not, considering I made the thread but I’m glad to see you enjoyed yourself and learned about Danny.


sounds amazing. Do you know where I can watch it?


lmaoo cool


no idea, you can probably stream it somewhere for a lil’ fee


mm. To the amazon wishlist it goes lmao get it for christmas like 10 years from now when I no longer care


see if its on prime video!


Only the greatest movie of all time.


I dont have prime or my own amazon account.


I ain’t goin’ back to five, man.


If you like similar movies, like things by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Then you should just buy it.


thats the weakest spoiler I’ve ever seen my guy


well neither do i lol i just leech off my mom to watch mr. robot


Never heard of either of them.


oh man, you just made two of the best friends you could ever make


lmaoooo. But my mom doesnt have amazon prime either. :joy::joy:






You’re not wrong. What did they make?