Keywords in a summary that make you read or run?


pulp fiction is on netflix. watch that.


I’ve heard of that and have been intrigued by it. I will check the description and see if I might enjoy.


The first Kill Bill is on right now.


Little do they know in a summary makes my blood boil.

They don’t know. So right UNKNOWN TO THEM! It’s not that difficult, or shouldn’t be.


yesssssss, don’t forget kill bill.


“little do you know, this book is about to suck”


Oh and The Hateful Eight too.


lmaooo yesss


lmao pulp fiction sounds like a trip and a half. Sounds lit might watch it later.


And by later I mean next weekend or something. I have to sleep in 9 minutes


That’s why I put the disclaimer in my author description that says that my books cause cancer. That way the reader knows ahead of time that the book is going to suck.


I just read that. Then I looked at the reader count on your book and I thought, “So many like cancer”


Everything causes cancer


P.S. I just added Psychic to my library it sounds fun. @AndrogynousOne


Hey, I didn’t force them.




Goodnight guys gotta sleep


Hope it doesn’t give you a tumor!


It’s not a tumor


I run whenever there’s any mention of “Not your average girl” or “Just your average girl” cause clearly I don’t like average, and I don’t like the female kind.